MATCH REPORT: Northumbria come back to win

The meeting started with a rare couple of 5-4’s, Paul Thompson falling in heat 1 for Northumbria, Colin Gray then coming a cropper after a bold attempt to pass Andy Knowles in heat 2. Glasgow took the lead with a 7-3 in heat 4, Joe Beuckmann and Gray taking a max in that race. Andy McDougal then held off Dan Wharrier who had to ride a canny race in heat 5, with Shane Lawton always in contention, the home side extending their lead to 27-21.

Northumbria hit back in the next as Keith Oldham and Dan Redshaw cruised to a 7-3, before Andy Knowles rode brilliantly in heat 7 to pass Lawton in a three times ran race. Wharrier headed Andy McDougal, with Neil Magee ahead of Gray to take the teams into the interval level at 39-39 after 8 races.

Liam Robinson was excluded for moving at the start of heat 9, leaving Oldham on his own, he winning the race, but Glasgow edging back in front with the resulting 5-4. The next battle in heat 10 proved crucial, Redshaw racing hard with Andy McDouglal with the home man dropping it on turn two, just as Knowles sped inside for a 7-3 to the visitors. Wharrier and Magee then took another 4-2 in the next as Northumbria began to take command, Dan Thompson recovering to chase hard for a vital third place in heat 13 to put his team now up by 5 points. That left Magee and Oldham gate and team ride in the penultimate heat to seal the win, Robinson following by re-deeming himself with a good final ride as he took third with an outside pass in the last race, giving his team an 11 point advantage in the finish.

GLASGOW 68: Andy McDougal 16, Joe Beuckman 15, Shane Lawton 13+1, Jim Alexander 10+2, Lachlan McDougal 7+1, Colin Gray 7+1

NORTHUMBRIA 79: Dan Wharrier 15, Dan Redshaw 14+1, Andy Knowles 13+2, Keith Oldham 12+1, Neil Magee 12, Dan Thompson 7, Liam Robinson 4, Paul Thompson 2

Challenge Match

Dan Thompson rode well to lead his team to the win, with a victory in heat 5, before leading the finale for almost 4 laps, Euan Tulloch just finding a way past with a great move on the last bend, his team mate however in position behind to secure the win. Paul Thompson and Liam Robinson both looked much quicker on a drier track that they were by now more familiar with, in an enjoyable finish to the days racing. Northumbria CSC would like to thank all riders who took part to give everyone a worthwhile end to the days racing, especially main match referee Euan Tulloch and the Hull contingent, including a very impressive an unbeaten Nathan Everett, as well of course to Chic Mackie and the Glasgow club for staging an excellent show throughout.

NORTHUMBRIA 31: Dan Thompson 11+2, Dan Redshaw 9, David Cooper (guest) 6+1, Liam Robinson 5+1, Neil Magee 5+1

SELECT 29: Nathan Everett 8, Euan Tulloch 8, Dan Wharrier 8, Paul Thompson 7+1, Katie Greaves 3