RESULTS: BYJL and SEGP from Somersham

Here are the results for the British Youth and Junior League from Somersham in the South East region.

Under 8

A Final – 1st Tommy Rope (Kes), 2nd Charlie Parr (Kes), 3rd Magnus Vincent (Kes), 4th Emil Gowers (Ips)
B Final – 1st Liam Farrell (Ips), 2nd Hayden Mitchell. (Ips)

Under 10

A Final – 1st Jake Cazey (Kes), 2nd Charlie Beeton (Kes), 3rd Keeton Ripper (Ips) 4th Daisy Steward (Kes)
B Final – 1st Archie Foote (Kes), 2nd Noah Woodhouse (Kes), 3rd Izzy Farrell (Ips), 4th Kai Gowers (Ips)
C Final – 1st Dalton Mehmed (Kes), 2nd Kenzie Straight (Ips), 3rd Harrison Harvey (Bla), 4th Haydn McGarry (Bla)
D Final – 1st Leo Vincent (Kes)

Under 12

A Final – 1st Lewis Brinkhoff (Kes), 2nd Charlie Johnson (Ips), 3rd Olie Wright (Kes), 4th Ben Clarke (Ips)
B Final – 1st Jake Vincent (Kes), 2nd Zac Cazey (Kes), 3rd Gemma Hill (Ips), 4th Kai Manger (Kes)
C Final – 1st Alfie Steward (Kes), 2nd Hansen Ingram (Kes), 3rd Kristan Mitchell (Ips), 4th Tom Skinner (Kes)
D Final – 1st Corey Davey (Bla) 2nd Hayden Pollard (Bla)

Under 14

A Final – 1st Harrison Bacon (Ips), 2nd Charlie Long (Kes), 3rd Jay Berry (Kes), 4th Leon Dix (Bla)
B Final – 1st Evan Vincent (Kes), 2nd Keanu Bowers (Kes), 3rd Ethan Mitchell (Ips), 4th Charley Brooke (Ips)
C Final – 1st Adam Cooper (Bla)

Under 17

A Final – 1st Pierce Bacon (Ips), 2nd Alex Harvey (Ips), 3rd Luke Dunningham (Ips), 4th Ben Harvey (Ips)
B Final – 1st Vlad Simmons (Bla)


A Final – 1st Chloe Pearce (Ips), 2nd Lily Gedge (Ips)

Team Scores – Kesgrave 277, Ipswich 233, Blakenham 50

South East GP


A Final – 1st Ashley Hill (Ips), 2nd Matt Hill (Ips), 3rd Fraser Harris (Ips), 4th Charlie Rumbold (Ips)


A Final – 1st Gary Brown (Kes), 2nd Ray Pyke (Kes), 3rd Phil Clarke (Ips), 4th Gary Bowers (Kes)
B Final – 1st Terry Ashford (Bla), 2nd Darren Mitchell (Ips), 3rd John Oakley (Kes), 4th Steve Copping (Nor)

Total Riders = 49 (Y&J) + 12 (SE GP)

Refs – Bill Brooke, Steve Copping and Gavin Whitehouse