MATCH REPORT: Stars move into second in entertaining match

Despite the big difference in the score line this was a very entertaining match. Newport often making good gates but being overhauled by the passing ability of the Sheffield riders. A light drizzle continued for most of the afternoon making the track fast and grippy which made for some exciting moments.

Sheffield got off to the best possible start with two maximums in the first two races, heat 1 being a real battle between Newport’s Mark Carmichael and Sheffield’s Myke Grimes, passing and re passing each other while Stars skipper Gavin Parr took the win. Newport’s Nicky Evans took heat 3, Damian Zareba struggling on borrowed machinery, however another maximum in the next heat for the home side courtesy of Mikey Hewitson and Grimes put Sheffield firmly in the driving seat and Newport claiming inside grids for the remainder of the meeting from heat 6.

The Stars continued to build on their lead and by the interval were 23 pts up at 56-33. The second half started in the same vein with three 6-4 from the home side before a minor blip saw Newport take two heat advantages on the trot as firstly Radek Handke then Andy Angell moved while under starters orders. Sheffield composed themselves and rounded the day off with a couple more maximums and two shared heats.

Myke Grimes had a superb match for the home team scoring 18+2 maximum, Gavin Parr supporting well with 16+1, but for his tape exclusion Andy Angell could well have also had a maximum. A special mention for Sheffield’s Kyle Holland who contributed 9+1 from the reserve berth on his season debut in the first team.

For Newport Mark Carmichael, Chris Davis and Nicky Evans were always a handful and the Welshmen’s younger riders, gave it their all. Unfortunately they came up against a Stars team who are very much on a roll after their stunning win at Horspath last time out, this put the match beyond Newport today. Referees supremo Mike Hack was the man in the middle and had an excellent match, letting the racing flow and enjoying a nice quiet afternoon as both teams got on with the job without any fuss.

Sheffield 104: Myke Grimes 18+2, Gavin Parr 16+1, Pawel Idziorek 15+2, Radek Handke 14, Andy Angell 13+3, Mikey Hewitson 11, Kyle Holland 9+1, Damien Zareba 7+1, Niall Morton 1

Newport 73: Mark Carmichael 15, Chris Davies 12, Nicky Evans 12, Aaron Herbet 8, Adam Bennett 7, Dan Bock 6, Jamie Ball 5+1, Jamie Wetton 5+1, Sean Bennett 3

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Elite League Combination

The Combination match very much followed the same pattern as the 1st team fixture with the home team knocking in seven maximum race wins in a row. Jason Burke had probably his best match of the season notching a hard earned 16+3, while Niall Morton scored a maximum 12+4 from his four rides.

Matt Parrott contributed a solid 14+1, while Adam Watson gave a master class in passing. With full support from Richard Hudson and Ed Morton, with the added 13 penalty points the result was never in doubt. Newport’s Adam Bennett did his best to turn the tide scoring 11pts but needed more support, Colin Simmons 8pts being his main assistant. Sean Bennett took a knock for the visitors, which restricted his scoring.

Sheffield (84+13) 97: Jason Burke 16+3, Adam Watson 16+3, Matt Parrott 14+1, Richard Hudson 14, Niall Morton 12+4, Ed Morton 12.

Newport 44: Adam Bennett 11, Colin Simmons 8, Kev Greaves 6+1, Will Cartwright 6, Joe Sidwick 6, Jamie Wetton 5, Sean Bennett 2