MATCH REPORT: Stockport still on top in Northern Fours

Stockport maintained their lead in the Northern Fours League table, by winning the Round 4 match at Astley & Tyldesley on Sunday. They were given a fright as A&T were fast out of the traps, holding a three points lead at the interval, after a really good first half performance.

The second half saw A&T fall away, as Stockport took the win to extend their lead at the top of the table, with Bury Comets overhauling A&T for 2nd place. Jack Lush raced unbeaten for Stockport, Terry Norman lost only to Reece Pollitt in heat 1, whilst Ben Higham and Mat Lush had an exclusion apiece.

Northern Fours League Round 4 result

Stockport 55 Bury Comets 46 Astley & Tyldesley 42 Hull 33 Heckmondwike 31 Bury Meteors 25.

A&T: Reece Pollitt 12, Ciaran Collins 11, Mark Mulvey 10, Gareth Paine 9, Max Evans dnr.
Bury Comets: Kris Ramsden 14, Neil Howarth 13, James Elston 11, Tom Doyle 8, Harry Radford dnr.
Bury Meteors: Will Thacker 7, Steve Mann 6, Chas Whalley 5, Louis Turner 4, Kaysar Mohammedi 3.
Heckmondwike: Darren Kent 10, Justin Naylor 8, Mick Knowles 7, Laura Watson 6, Tom Whitwam dnr.
Hull: David Cooper 12, Nathan Everett 9, Josh Bellis 8, Katie Greaves 4.
Stockport: Jack Lush 16, Terry Norman 15, Ben Higham 12, Mat Lush 12.

Referee – Graham Lush (Stockport).

Fours League standings: Stockport 23, Bury Comets 20, Astley & Tyldesley 15, Heckmondwike 11, Hull 11, Bury Meteors 4.

Bury consolidated their lead in the Northern Junior League table, by taking their 4th successive win in the series, with Astley & Tyldesley again 2nd. A&T had three riders who raced unbeaten in their event – Joe Quarmby (u-10s); Reece Pollitt (u-19s); Gareth Paine (Division 2). Bury’s Harry Radford also raced unbeaten in the u-10s match, as did Stockport’s Michael Preston in the u-13s match. Once again, Bury and A&T finished streets ahead of the opposition.

Northern Junior League Round 4 result

Bury 184 Astley & Tyldesley 145 Heckmondwike 46 Hull 35 Stockport 30.

U-10s: Joe Quarmby (A&T) 16, Harry Radford (Bury) 16, Jack Murray (A&T) 14, Charlie Burgess (A&T) 14, Jonah Clare (A&T) 12, Bella Naylor (Heckmondwike) 12, Charlie Thacker (Heckmondwike) 12, Zak Thacker (Bury) 11, Max Quarmby (A&T) 8, Lucy Grantham (A&T) 8, Hermoine Whalley (Bury) 8, Angel Etheridge (Bury) 7, Duncan Whalley (Bury) 7, Kaci Neath (Bury) 6, Finn Boland (A&T) 5.

U-13s: Michael Preston (Stockport) 16, Tom Whitwam (Heckmondwike) 15, Louis Wright (Stockport) 14, Max Evans (A&T) 14, Louis Turner (Bury) 13, Kaysar Mohammedi (Bury) 11, Declan Summersgill (Heckmondwike) 10, Daniel Miller (Bury) 10, Sean Etheridge (Bury) 9, Ben Summersgill (Heckmondwike) 9, Josh Neath (Bury) 9, Dawar Mohammedi (Bury) 8, Dane Brooks (Bury) 6, Lewis Habib (Bury) 5.

U-16s: James Elston (Bury) 11, Nathan Everett (Hull) 11, Ciaran Collins (A&T) 8.

U-19s: Reece Pollitt (A&T) 16.

Division 2: Gareth Paine (A&T) 16, David Cooper (Hull) 15, Mark Grantham (A&T) 14, Steve Mann (Bury) 13, Will Thacker (Bury) 11, Chas Whalley (Bury) 11, Katie Greaves (Hull) 9.

Referee – Bill Phillips (Astley & Tyldesley)

Junior League standings: Bury 20, Astley & Tyldesley 16, Hull 9, Heckmondwike 9, Stockport 6.

Cover photo shows Stockport’s Terry Norman leading Mark Mulvey (A&T) and Tom Doyle (Bury Comets). Photo courtesy of Linda Kirkland.