RESULTS: Today’s results as they arrive

Cycle Speedway

It was back to regional racing this week, as well as the Northern Riders Championship at Hull. Here’s what has come in so far (and what we’ve spotted on social media!):

Midland League

Birmingham 96 – 83 Coventry (ML1)
Birmingham (69-5) 64 – 46 (61-15) Coventry (ML2)
Birmingham 45 – 35 Coventry (MLJ)

Northern League Riders Championship

1st Andy Angell
2nd Gavin Parr
3rd Pawel Idziorek

1st Sophie Middleton
2nd Katie Greaves
3rd Niamh Morton

1st Gavin Parr
2nd Jason Keith
3rd Darren Kent

1st Adam Watson
2nd Niall Morton
3rd Kyle Holland

1st Niall Morton
2nd Ed Morton
3rd Nathan Everett

1st Max Evans
2nd Michael Preston
3rd Louis Wright

1st Jack Brownell
2nd John White
3rd Harry Radford

South East League

Kesgrave 91 – 87 Ipswich Whirlwinds (SE1)
Kesgrave 67 – 59 Ipswich Eagles (SEY)

Ipswich Eagles p – p Hethersett