NEWS: Crowdfunding page launched for Payne and Clarke

Horspath’s Rob Jeffery has set up a crowdfunding page in the hope of raising money for Hammers riders, British Champion Zac Payne and Lee Clarke, who both lost their bikes in a car fire, which we reported last week.

Rob said, “Following on from this recent incident, I’ve set up a crowdfunding page to try and help Lee Clarke and Zac Payne to offset some of the costs of their recent loss. We are first year Cycle Speedway rookies, and my son, Will has come under the coaching of both Lee and Zac, so we know the huge time and effort these lads put in to our juniors.”

Rob continued, “The whole Cycle speedway community is a great group so we’re asking for any donations,large or small to help. Please help us by donating or sharing on social media.”

If you can help Lee and Zac, please visit the crowdfunding page here:

Rob hopes to raise £2000 for the riders to replace the three bikes and essential tools that were lost. It currently stands at £100, so get donating!