NEWS: British Champ’s bike goes up in flames

British Champion, Zac Payne’s team mate, Lee Clarke, had a lucky escape on his way to Southampton this afternoon, when the car he was traveling in, along with Payne’s bike, caught fire.

Sadly, Zac and Lee’s bike were engulfed in the flames, with Clarke able to get out quickly. A Horspath club bike was also in the car and succumbed to the blazing inferno.

Clarke was stranded, with a resulting queue of traffic also halting Andy Johnson’s progress, meaning Horspath were caught short in Southampton, where a 4 man team, including Payne, who travelled with his girlfriend in his own car, and guest,  Newport’s John Sidwick, lost heavily to their hosts.

Sidwick provided the Hammers’ only machine on the day, with three of the sides bikes meeting their premature demise on the road. Payne commented, “I’m gutted about losing my bike so soon after winning the British on it. It must be a first surely?”

Zac is hoping to find some sponsors to help him buy a new bike after his Archie Wilkinson melted away, if anyone can help, please do get in touch with Zac via his email address: