NEWS: Five clubs awarded with Fair Play award

Former CS Commission chairman, Graham Elliott’s campaign against poor discipline during the 2015 season would appear to have had some success.

No fewer that five clubs received a top 5/5 mark from referees for conduct in all of their matches during the season. Further to this, 19 of the 24 clubs (79%) scored an average of 4.50 or above. The lowest average score was 4.33.

The five clubs receiving the Fair Play award are; Poole, Newport, Horspath, Kesgrave and Swindon.

It’s some good news for Cycle Speedway, which has had a troubled time with discipline problems in recent years. It is especially positive for Oxfordshire club Horspath, who were hit with sanctions following their role in the controversial 2014 Indoor Championships Team final, and make it through 2015 with an impeccable record.