MATCH REPORT: Bury take league points against Sheffield

Bury Comets arrived at Sheffield looking to begin their title challenge with a win, while the young Stars were aiming to cause a shock and show their own potential.

The away side managed to get in front as early as heat two with a 7-2 when Kyle Holland suffered a bike malfunction. Four drawn heats followed as tactical riding came to the fore, before the Stars fell further behind as the Comets took two well worked 6-4s in heats seven and eight.

With a half time difference of nine there was still all to race for, the two sides trading blows as they swapped 6-4s in heats eleven and twelve, but another double whammy of 6-4s in heats thirteen and fourteen for Bury meat they extended their lead to thirteen. A 7-3 in heat sixteen killed off any chance the home side might have had, but a 6-4 to Sheffield in heat eighteen after final bend clash between Kyle Holland and James Elston was a small consolation to make the final scores Sheffield 82, Bury 97.

For Bury, Chris Parish was very impressive, taking a well deserved maximum as by far the best rider of the day, whilst Kris Ramsden and Neil Howarth put in very solid shifts and James Elston was always involved in the action. For Sheffield, Kyle Holland and Adam Watson’s passing proved a great asset, whilst Rich Hudson’s and Joe Twigg’s gating put the Comets under pressure. Bury deservedly came away with the points, but Sheffield will look to build on the positives from the loss.

Sheffield 82

Rich Hudson 14+1 (5), Joe Twigg 13+1 (5), Kyle Holland 12+1 (5), Vicky Brown 8 (5), Luke Morton 8+1 (5), Adam Watson 12+1 (5), Sam Haines 9 (3), Ed Morton 6 (5)

Bury 97

Chris Parish 19+1 (5), Adam Taylor 9 (5), Kris Ramsden 16+1 (5), Neil Howarth 13+2 (5), James Elston 13 (5), Danny Taylor 12+1 (5), Kasar Mohammad 6 (3), Adam Turnbull 9+1 (3)

Referee: Dave Shoat

Upcoming Matches: On the 20th March, Sheffield are at home to Northumbria while on the same day, Bury are also at home, to Hull


A tight match throughout saw the visitors eventually claim the win by 79 to 70 points, although when Adam Turnbull was excluded for slowing down the race in heat six it looked like Sheffield might be able to take the points-but Bury’s quality showed and allowed them to take the points. Joe Twigg once again impressed for Sheffield, as did Niamh Morton who put in a very strong performance, and for the visitors Kasar Mohammad looked very quick whilst Louis Turner’s team riding massively assisted his side claim the points.

Sheffield 70

Joe Twigg 17 (5), JacK Brownell 4 (3), Ed Morton 10 (3), Sam Haines 11 (5), Sophie Middleton 8+1 (5), Niamh Morton 11+1 (5), Kielan Burton 3+1 (2), Vicky Brown 6 (2)

Bury 79

Adam Taylor 14+1 (5), Louis Turner 11+3 (4), Kasar Mohammad 18 (5), Steve Mann 11+2 (5), Adam Turnbull 13+1 (5), Richard Buckley 3 (3), Asim Hussein 1 (1), Erik Motala 8 (2)

Referee: Kyle Holland