HOME INTERNATIONAL: Vets teams at the ready

There will be a Home International Veterans category for the first time at Hull this year, with the Vets taking to the track before the Juniors on Saturday 16th July 2016.

Steve Mullinder commented: “I have managed to put together a Vets Home International to be staged on the same day at Hull.

“It has been hard work pulling all the four Nations together, but with determination to get this off the ground and help off not just vets, but the younger riders Jack Harrold, Mark Carmichael and Jamie Ball.

“Thanks must also go out to Craig Marchant for continually pushing this on social media, we can finally see the Vets on the big stage.”

The senior team managers, appointed by British Cycling for the next two years of international racing are:

Wales: Jack Harrold and Mark Carmichael

Scotland: Jamie Ball

Ireland: Gary Colby and Steve Copping

England: Wayne Aris