BYJL: High home turn out means Sheffield title

The final regional round of the British Youth and Junior League saw a low turnout of just 30 riders attend at Sheffield’s Cookson Park circuit.

Sheffield managed to track fifteen riders, including debutants Ciaden Gittens, Benjamin Taylor and Ben Turnbull (all of whom made the step up from training sessions), and were unsurprisingly easy winners on 161 points.

Astley & Tyldesley finished second with 81 points while Bury were placed third on 69 points. The result meant it was all change at the top of the regional league table.

Sheffield moved up from third place to be crowned regional champions, overturning an 80-point deficit with Bury, who dropped from first place but held onto the second and final qualifying team place.

Astley, who were placed second from the first round, missed out by dropping to third overall.

The well-prepared and superfast Cookson circuit provided a feast of top class racing. Particular highlights were all the races in the Under 17’s, with A & T’s Ciaran Collins up against a sea of orange in Adam Watson and Ed and Niall Morton.

Heat 3 of the under 14’s, when you could have thrown a blanket over the four riders for the full four laps of the race. Harry Radford’s outside pass on Kielan Burton in heat 7 of the under 12’s.

Kielan and Jack Brownell swopping places several times in heat 6 of the same age group. John White twice having to pass Logan Perkins in separate races in the under 10’s. Jack Murray withstanding Joe Brownell’s charge in heat 7 of the same age group.

All of the races in the under 8’s which provided plenty of passing and close finishes. Individual winners on the day were Duncan Whalley (Bury) in the under 8’s, John White (A & T) under 10’s, Harry Radford (Bury) under 12’s, Matt Snell (A & T) under 14’s and Adam Watson (Sheffield) under 17’s.

There was no girls competition, as no riders were present (as had been the case in the first round at Stockport).

The final overall age group winners were Duncan Whalley (Bury) under 8, Logan Perkins (Sheffield) under 10, Harry Radford (Bury) under 12, Michael Preston (Stockport) under 14, Ciaran Collins (A & T) under 17 and Niamh Morton (Sheffield) Girls.

Now it is on to the National rounds, first stop Leicester on 25th June.

Final Northern team scores

Total Scores Total Points
BURY 467 12
A & T 400 12
HULL 118 5


Under 8 – Duncan Whalley (Bury) 16, Lewis Bemrose (Sheffield) 15, Frank White (A & T), 15, Ciaden Gittens (Sheffield) 13, George Martin (Sheffield) 11, Benjamin Taylor (Sheffield) 10, Charlie Mawhood (Sheffield) 9, Josh Parkinson (A & T) 9, Ben Turnbull (Sheffield) 5.

Under 10 – John White (A & T) 16, Logan Perkins (Sheffield) 14, Joe Brownell (Sheffield) 13, Jack Murray (A & T) 13, KD Gittens (Sheffield) 8, Kaci Neath (Bury) 8, Lucy Grantham (A & T) 4.

Under 12 – Harry Radford (Bury) 16, Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 14, Ed Lister (Hull) 11, Holly Quinn (Bury) 10, Louis Roberts (Bury) 10, Jack Brownell (Sheffield) 9.

Under 14 – Matt Snell (A & T) 14, Tom Whitwam (Sheffield) 10, Louis Turner (Bury) 9, Jack Lister (Hull) 6.

Under 17 – Niall Morton (Sheffield) 13, Adam Watson (Sheffield) 13, Ciaran Collins (A & T) 10, ED Morton (Sheffield) 4.

Grand Finals

Under 8 (A) 1st    Duncan Whalley, 2nd Lewis Bemrose, 3rd Frank White, 4th Ciaden Gittens

Under 8 (B) 1st Josh Parkinson, 2nd Charlie Mawhood, 3rd George Martin, 4th Benjamin Taylor

Under 8 C 1ST Ben Turnbull

Under 10 (A) 1st John White, 2nd Logan Perkins, 3rd Joe Brownell, 4th Jack Murray.

Under 10 (B) 1st KD Gittens, 2nd Kaci Neath, 3rd Lucy Grantham

Under 12 (A) 1st Harry Radford, 2nd Kielan Burton, 3rd Ed Lister, 4th Louis Roberts

Under 12 (B) 1st Jack Brownell, 2nd Holly Quinn

Under 14 (A) 1st Matt Snell, 2nd Tom Whitwam, 3rd Louis Turner, 4th Jack Lister

Under 17 (A) 1st Adam Watson, 2nd Niall Morton, 3rd Ciaran Collins, 4th Ed Morton.