RESULTS: Suffolk Individual Championships from Kesgrave

Here are the results from the Suffolk Individual Championships held on Saturday at Kesgrave.

Under 8
1st Magnus Vincent (Kes), 2nd Harvey Schumake (Kes), 3rd Luca Woodhouse (Kes).
10 Riders.

Under 10
1st Noah Woodhouse (Kes), 2nd Charlie Beeton (Kes), 3rd Leo Vincent (Kes).
12 Riders.

Under 10 (Girls)
1st Evie Duke (Kes), 2nd Lily Burton (Kes), 3rd Daisy Jackaman (Kes).
5 Riders.

Under 13
1st Lewis Brinkhoff (Kes), 2nd Oliver Wright (Kes), 3rd Ben Clarke (Ips).
14 Riders.

Under 13 (Girls)
1st Gemma Hill (Ips).
1 Rider.

Under 16
1st Pierce Bacon (Ips), 2nd Alex Harvey (Ips), 3rd Harrison Bacon (Ips).
10 Riders.

Under 16 (Girls)
1st Gemma Hill (Ips), 2nd Chloe Pearce (Ips).
2 Riders

Under 19
1st Dan Knights (Ips), 2nd Richard Fellgett (Ips). 3rd Matt Hill (Ips).
6 Riders

1st Lewis Osbourne (Blak), 2nd Ashley Hill (Ips), 3rd Josh Brooke (Ips).
12 Riders

Open (Women)
1st Charlie Jane Herbert (Ips), 2nd Gemma Hill (Ips), 3rd Chloe Pearce (Ips).
3 Riders

1st Gary Brown (Kes), 2nd Ray Pyke (Kes), 3rd Richard Foote (Kes).
6 Riders.

Referees: Luke Gifkins, Paul Brinkhoff, Ray Pyke, Les Fellgett