RESULTS: Norfolk Go-Ride GP Round 1

Norfolk Cycle Speedway staged its first midweek action for three years, when the first of a six-round Go-Ride Grand Prix series was held at Hethersett, on a night when the rain got progressively heavier.

The series, organised by coaches Gary Colby, Jamie Medler and Kevin Wells, attracted 11 juniors, including four girls, while eight seniors also took advantage of a competitive session.



A Final – 1st George Larter, 2nd Shayne Smith, 3rd Tabitha Nierop, 4th Will Blackmore
B Final – 1st Liberty Nicholls, 2nd Daniella Rauicina


A Final – 1st Tom Blackmore, 2nd Max Rainbow


A Final – 1st Owen Wells, 2nd Ayrin Larter, 3rd Paul Delaiche

Senior session results –

A Final – 1st Harley Hamill, 2nd Leigh Cossey, 3rd Owen Wells, 4th Olly Buxton
B Final – 1st Glyn Morgan, 2nd Alex Dyball, 3rd Bruce Rainbow, 4th David Blackmore

Referee – Jamie Medler

The second round of the series is at Eaton Park on Wednesday 7th June.