TODAY’S RESULTS: Regional Results From Around The Country

Here are the fixtures and results (when they arrive) from today’s action in the Midlands, South East and East and South West and Wales leagues.


Division One

Coventry 69 – 109 Wednesfield

Division Two

Coventry 74 – 75 Wednesfield

Division Three

Coventry 84 – 66 Wednesfield

South East and East

Division One

East London 78 – 82 Hethersett
Hellingly 70 – 86 Great Blakenham
Ipswich 99 – 60 Kesgrave

Division Two

East London 64 – 96 Hethersett
Hellingly v Great Blakenham
Ipswich 90 – 70 Kesgrave

South West and Wales

Exeter v Newport
Horspath v Swindon


Northern League Individuals

1st Tom Morrissey A&T 20 pts.
2nd Duncan Whaley A&Y 19 pts.
3rd after run-off Aiden Green A&T 17 pts.
(Sam Stansfield Northumbria 17 pts.)
(Kaci Neath Bury 17 pts.)

1st Emily Burgess A&T 16 pts.
2nd Harry Radford Bury 15 pts.
3rd after run-off Josh Neath Bury 13 pts.
(Keilan Burton Sheffield 13 pts.)

1st after run-off Max Evans A&T 19 pts.
2nd Louis Wright Stockport 19 pts.
3rd Devon Campbell Stockport 19 pts.

1st after run-off Adam Watson Sheff. 15 pts.
2nd Reece Pollitt A&T 15 pts.
3rd Niall Morton Sheffield 14 pts.

1st Terry Norman Stockport 16 pts.
2nd after run-off Mark Grantham A&T 10 pts
3rd Luke Morton Sheffield 10 pts.

1st Laura Watson Sheffield 16 pts.
2nd after run-off Niamh Morton 14 pts.
3rd Emily Burgess A&T 14 pts.
(Sami Marsh Sheffield 14 pts.)

1st Adam Watson Sheffield 18 pts.
2nd after run-off Jake Read S/port 16 pts.
3rd Devon Campbell Stockport 16 pts.
(Kris Ramsden Bury 16 pts.)