RESULTS: Laurels day in Poole, Northern indies and regional racing

Regional racing took place today in the Midlands, North & Scotland (where the Individuals were staged at Edinburgh) and South East & East Leagues, as well as the Laurels at Poole.Results below:

Midland League

Division One

Wednesfield 97-82 Birmingham

Coventry 98 – 70 Leicester
Final result TBC. Mark Whitehead red carded for Leicester for foul and abusive langauge

Division Two

Wednesfield 52-48 Birmingham-Abandoned after Heat 10 due to rain.Result does not stand

Coventry 76 – 73 Leicester

Division Three

Wednesfield 38-42 Birmingham

Coventry 35.5 – 44.5 Leicester

North and Scotland League

Individuals at Edinburgh
Under 10

1 Fraser Brundrett (A&T)

2 Aiden Green (A&T) after run off

3 Frank White (A&T) after run off

Under 13

1 John White (A&T)

2 Ben Hutton(Glasgow)

3 Zander Parks(Glasgow)

Under 16

1 Kielan Burton(Sheffield)

2 Skye Mitchell(Edinburgh)

Under 19

1 Adam Turnbull(Bury)after run off

2 Ciaran Collins(A&T)after run off

3 Lewis Alsop(Fife)


1 Paul Graham (A&T)

2 Jason Keith(Edinburgh)

3 Craig Hardie(Fife)


1 Jake Slight (Edinburgh)

2 Niall Morton (Sheffield)

3 Kyle Holland (A&T)


Result to follow


South East and East League

Division One

Hellingly – Norwich

Division Two

Hellingly – Norwich

The Laurels at Poole

Colemans Insurance Junior

1 Will Jeffrey (Horspath) after run off

2 Lewis Brinkhoff(Kesgrave) after run off

3 Michael Preston (Stockport)

Read Fabrications Women

1 Lauren Hookway (Exeter)
2 Emily Burgess (A&T)
3 Maddie Saunders (Poole)

Precision Engraving (Weymouth) Senior

1 Lukas Nowacki(Horspath)

2 Zac Payne(Horspath)

3 Dawid Bas(Poole) after run off

Photo by Andy Whitehouse