TEAM GB TRAINING ACADEMY: Shortlist revealed

The shortlist for the first Great Britain Training Academy, which takes place at Leicester on Sunday 28th October, has been revealed.

Riders have until 19 October to confirm their attendance, or their place will be taken by another rider. Riders are asked to confirm their availability with Paul West at British Cycling (

See more about the training academies on the flyers below:

Under 14s

Nathan Goulden (Poole), Kielan Burton (Sheffield), Harry Radford (Bury), Ellis Richmond (Wednesfield), Josh Nottle (Poole), Jack Reynolds (Coventry), Tom Blackmore (Norwich), Nathan Loveridge (Horspath), Jonathan Middleton (Coventry), Jack Horton (Exeter), John White (A&T), Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave), Kyle Wells (Leicester), Connor Steel (Birmingham), Aaron Robb (Kesgrave)


Ciaran Collins (A&T), Devon Campbell (Stockport), Cameron Gill (Coventry), James Porter (Kesgrave), Lewis Brinkhoff (Kesgrave), Tyler Brinkhoff (Kesgrave), Ed Morton (Sheffield), Ben Clarke (Ipswich), Ben Tinsdale (Poole), Adam Turnbull (Bury), Will Jeffery (Horspath), Tyler Bould (Wednesfield), Pierce Bacon (Ipswich), Fraser Garnett (Poole), Luke Dunningham (Ipswich), Owen Wells (Hethersett), Adam Cooper (Gt Blakenham), Lewis Foxley (Edinburgh), Michael Preston (Stockport), Max Evans (A&T), Louis Wright (Stockport)


Niamh Morton (Sheffield), Lauren Hookway (Exeter), Gemma Hill (Ipswich), Charlie-Jane Herbert (Ipswich), Chloe Pearce (Ipswich), Elizabeth Rigley (Leicester), Chloe Whitehead (Leicester), Kristina Mines (Poole), Georgia Burt (Wednesfield), Macie Schmidt (Poole), Emily Burgess (A&T), Maddie Saunders (Poole), Laura Watson (Sheffield) Miah Laing (Exeter), Rosie Tidball (Exeter), Phoebe Hammond (Kesgrave), Rebekah Humphries (Birmingham), Megan Burt (Wednesfield), Honey Whitehead (Leicester), Lucy Whitehead (Leicester), Michelle Whitehead (Leicester), Anna Tuttle (Poole)


Paul Heard (Wednesfield), Reece Pollitt (A&T), Ricki Johnson (Birmingham), Chris Timms (Birmingham), Ben Mould (Poole), Ashley Hill (Ipswich), Matt Hill (Ipswich), Adam Watson (Sheffield), Myke Grimes (Coventry), Lewis Osborne (Gt Blakenham), Jake Read (Stockport), Richard Felgett (Ipswich), Michael Baldock (Coventry), Andy Angell (Hull), Zac Payne (Horspath), Josh Brooke (Gt Blakenham), Chris Jewkes (Wednesfield), Lee Kemp (Wednesfield), Brandon Whetton (Wednesfield), Wil Bristowe (Poole)

Congratulations to those included. To those who are not, keep working hard and use it as motivation and a target to get yourself noticed in 2019.