MATCH RPPORT: Northumbria clinch Scottish 4’s

Northumbria won the final leg of the Scottish Fours, and in so doing were crowned overall winners.
The weather was cold and drizzly, but they missed out on the worse weather elsewhere. All 23 riders gave everything as the Cramllington circuit stood up well, and provided some excellent racing.

The 20 heat format meant not all riders met, and Mikey Hewitson (Edinburgh) and Jake Slight (Leith) were unbeaten in their four rides. Niall Morton, (Leith) Craig Hardie (Fife),and Craig Newsome (Edinburgh) were also in double figures

Northumbria gave the returning Dean Douglas at reserve four rides and the others took 3, with Josh Herring, Jason Keithi and Gavin Parr dropping one point each.


Josh Herring 11, Shane Gray 6, Jason Keith 11, Gavin Parr 11,Dean Douglas 9. Total 48 points. Match Points 5


Mikey Hewitson 16, Neil McPherson 7, Dode Mitchell 4, Ian McDonald 4, Craig Newsome 10. Total 40 points.Match Points 3


Jake Slight 16, Niall Morton 13, Ed Morton 5, Aaron Smith 3. Total Points 37 Match Points 2


Craig Hardie 12, Jake Ferguson 5, Harris Alsop 9 Vas Hill 9, Kayden Davidson 6 Total Points 42. Match Points 4


Andy MacDougall 8, Brian Hutton 6, Colin Gray 6, Jim Alexander 7. Total Points 27. Match Points 1

Final scores.

Five points were awarded to the winner of each meeting, Four points for second, Third(3). Fourth(2), Fifth(1).

1st Northumbria 21.5 Race points 230
2nd Leith 18.5. Race points 215
3rd Edinburgh 17. Race points 213
4th Fife 13. Race points 198
5th Glasgow 5. Race points 135.