MATCH REPORT: Trevor Dutton & Brian Herd Invitationals

Cody Chadwick has sent in this report of the 20″ Trevor Dutton and 26″ Brian Herd Invitationals:


The 2021 20″ Trevor Dutton Invitional was a thrilling show of racing with 16 brave riders taking to the track.
In the earlier heats it saw two very promising podium place getters in likes of Kimberley Williams and Dylan Miller. Sadly for them, after taking some spills, it opened up the event to the other riders with some very tightly contested races.

Many young riders showed great potential for the years to come, like Jacob Ffrench, Hamish Godfrey, the Haldenby brothers; Angel and Chevy, Ryder Bushell, Dimitri Kondilis, Aiden McCormick and a few others getting stuck in and earning some well deserved points.

As the meeting got to the closing end, it didn’t disappoint with a very fast paced run off for 2nd and 3rd between Mason Godfrey and Hannah Williams. Godfrey won the toss and had the advantage of the inside grid. The tapes went up and they were away, both giving it their all but it was Godfrey who came home with the 2nd place and Williams with the 3rd.

1st place went to Connor McCormick who rode very consistently and got the well earned win of 19 points.

Refereed by Mr Nigel Greenalgh

Massive thank for Trevor Dutton for attending and watching the exciting spectacle that it was.

And this is the second one

The 2021 26″ Brian Herd invitational was one that didn’t disappoint, although lacking in older experienced riders, it was the young guns who put on a show. This included Ethan Cooper, Mark Myatt, Cody Thompson and Ben Pudney, all giving it a red hot crack.
Matthew Snowden who was nursing an injury, Angus Freeman, Holly Greenhalgh, Nash Manoel and Kerian Ritter also riding impressively whilst competing for the title.

There were also a few Vets showing that they still have some fight in their legs with the likes of Sam Rochester, Andrew Nieuwenhoven and Paul White, who rode very consistent, coming home in 5th place.

Aiden Thompson, a name everyone should be looking out for, proving he is one of the best, won every race except for one where he came up against the experienced riders, Bobby McMillan and Cody Chadwick. Excitingly, throughout the race, the riders constantly changed positions. Bobby mostly lead the way with Thompson pushing hard on the high side, before receiving a bump from Chadwick attacking the low line. Resulting in Thompson finishing with 1 point, ending the day in 4th place on a total of 17 points.
Braylan Macdonald another rider showing his class once again, riding very consistent all day and holding off McMillan in his 4th heat to take the win. McDonald finished in a very respectful 3rd place on 18 points.
Then it came down to the top two riders finishing both on 19 points, McMillan and Chadwick. This resulted in a thrilling run off, with Chadwick winning the toss and electing to take the inside grid.
The race starts and straight away Chadwick goes into defence mode until it came to turn 4 where he tried sprinting away. McMillan wasn’t giving in, pulling the perfect switch pass sending Chadwick and himself propelling towards the fence, with both riders crashing. Both riders were called in for a restart where Chadwick rode a very tactical 4 laps holding off McMillan to take the win.
Exciting day for all.

Refereed by Mr Robert Fleming

Massive thank you to the Herd family for attending the prestigious event in honour of Brian Herd.