RESULTS: The Weekend’s results

Here are the results from matches ridden on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August:

South-East Grand Prix Round 5 at East London

Postponed, track waterlogged

Scottish Open at Fife


Lukas Nowacki 20, Norman Venson 18, Jason Keith 17, Steve Paver 15, Chris Ward 15, Neil Swanson 15, Danny Peoples 12, Ewan Tulloch 11, Iain MacDonald 8, Colin Gray 8

Final: 1st Lukas Nowacki, 2nd Norman Venson, 3rd Jason Keith, 4th Steve Paver


Lukas Nowacki 20, Reece Pollitt 19, Mike Baldock 18, Kayden Davidson 17, Lewis Alsop 15, Jake Ferguson 15, Jude Wilcockson 13, Jake Slight 13, Elliott Davies 13, Sam Stansfield 11, Alex Matthews 9, Jason Keith 7

Final: 1st Reece Pollitt, 2nd Kayden Davidson, 3rd Mike Baldock, 4th Lukas Nowacki


Jude Wilcockson 16, Calan Cuthbert 14, Gareth Davies 12, Finn Crowther 10, Joshua Falconer 8, Nathan Slight 6, Keir Flemming 4

Final: 1st Jude Wilcockson, 2nd Gareth Davies, 3rd Calan Cuthbert, 4th Finn Crowther


Lyla Peoples 18, Amy MacDonald 14, Eva Grandison 10, Katie Adams 5

Under 10’s

Oliver Slight 20, Luca Jayden Hughes 15

Northern 4’s at Bury

Bury 54, Hull 43, Sheffield 37, Astley & Tyldesley 37, Heckmondwike 32, Stockport 26

South & South Wales League

East Newport 85 Exeter 93

Poole 99 Newport 80

South & South Wales Development League

Poole 79 Newport 71

National League

Kesgrave 98 Great Blakenham 85

South East League

Division 2

Kesgrave 100 Great Blakenham 60

Youth League

Kesgrave Pumas 77 Great Bkakenham 83

Kesgrave Panthers 100 Great Blakenham 60

EuroVets Round 6 at Glasgow

A Final results:

Over 35’s: 1st Lukas Nowacki, 2nd Kevin Burns, 3rd Nicky Whitehead, 4th Andy McDougall

Over 40’s: 1st Lukas Nowacki, 2nd Kevin Burns, 3rd Nicky Whitehead, 4th Danny Peoples

Over 50’s: 1st Phil Gard, 2nd Norman Venson, 3rd Jason Keith, 4th Mark Whitehead

Over 60’s: 1st Phil Gard, 2nd Terry Kirkup, 3rd Chris Ward, 4th Colin Gray

Congratulations to Lukas Nowacki and Phil Gard who have clinched the championships in their respective categories