CLUB NEWS: Mason Martin wins Hat-trick of Norfolk Championships

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES joined the Norwich Stars Club in contesting the Norfolk Individual Championships at Eaton Park. In total 26 riders contested the eight categories and, with three of the recently crowned Hethersett Club Champions absent, there were easier opportunities for others to grab the glory.

Nyla El-Labany successfully defended her Under-8 title but it was Ronnie Harding who defeated all the field to win the Under-10 title. The Under-13 is often the most competitive and this again proved true with Zachery Eastwood coming out on top of the podium next to the holder Will Blackmore and Lola Martin. Lola went on to win the Ladies title at the age of 11 and to complete a successful day for the Martin family Mason completed another hat-trick, winning the Under-16, Under-19 and Senior – probably one of the youngest to win the latter in the event’s 70-year history. Paddy Wenn finally had to surrender the Veterans title as he was beaten three times by Glyn Morgan.

Full results – (H) = Hethersett (N) = Norwich

Under-8 (sponsored by Dave Blackmore) – Nyla El-Labany (H) 16 Isaac Emms (H) 13 Jax Lockhart (H) 9 Thomas King (N) 6 Henry Everson (H) 6

Under-10 (sponsored by Jenny Melvin) – Ronnie Harding (H) 16 Kenzie Bushell (N) 15 Nyla El-Labany (H) 14 Isaac Emms (H) 13 Jake Harvey-Riches (H) 12 Theo Coomber (H) 11 Henry Everson (H) 10 Micael Whitfield (H) 9 Kallum Ward (N) 8

Under-13 – Zachery Eastwood (N) 20 Will Blackmore (N) 18 Lola Martin (H) 15 Luca El-Labany (H) 15 Isaac Emms (H) 12 Jake Harvey-Riches (H) 10

Under-16 – Mason Martin (H) 16 Zachery Eastwood (N) 11 Will Blackmore (N) 10 Lola Martin (H) 8 Amelia Dodson (H) 5

Under-19 – Mason Martin (H) 16 Zachery Eastwood (N) 11 Amelia Dodson (H) 7 Lola Martin (H) 6

Senior – Mason Martin (H) 15 Paddy Wenn (N) 14 Harry Everiss (N) 13 Dave Martin (H) 10 Rory Freeman (H) 7 Jamie Medler (N) 7 Steve Copping (N) 4

Ladies – Lola Martin (H) 16 Amelia Dodson (H) 10 Tabi Nierop (N) 9 Jade Emms (H) 5

Veterans – 1 Glyn Morgan (H) 15 Paddy Wenn (N) 13 Rory Freeman (H) 7 Steve Copping (N) 5

Referees – Steve Copping, Dave Blackmore, Shaun Dyball

The annual Charity Day at tHethersett had a distinct end-of-season feel to it with a cold northerly wind and, disappointingly, a poorer than expected attendance. The Charity Cup had a field of only seven, the lowest in its 54-year history and followers of Norfolk racing will not be surprised that the winner was Mason Martin. Paddy Wenn and Glyn Morgan renewed their rivalry and this time Paddy got the upper-hand to finish runner-up. Dave Martin rode consistently to step up to the podium also. Amelia Dodson was nominated by regular supporter Neil Attoe to receive the Entertaining Rider award, presented in memory of Colin chamberlain each year.

Scores – Mason Martin 16, Paddy Wenn 13, Dave Martin 12, Glyn Morgan 10, Connor Jarrett 8, Lola Martin 7, Amelia Dodson 4

The Club’s internal Under-13 Charity Shield is always interesting as riders are given bonus points related to their age. As results were announced in reverse order Isaac Emms suddenly realised he was the only rider left in the pits so enthusiastically ran out to collect the Shield.

Spare a thought for Hugo Kemp who won all his heats but had to race a four-rider race-off for the minor places and again had to suffer a handicap staring a quarter of a lap back. He could not catch Lola Martin but did at least get on the podium.

Result – Isaac Emms (12+5) 17, Lola Martin (15+1) 16, Hugo Kemp (16+0) 16, Austin Brailey (14+2) 16, Jake Harvey-Riches (12+4) 16, Henry Everson (10+5) 15, Jax Lockhart (9+6) 15, Nyla El-Labany (9+5) 14, Micael Whitfield (9+3) 12.

Both events were sponsored by Breckland Autos and refereed by Shaun Dyball.

Despite the reduced attendance the Hawks enthusiastic families and supporters raised £160 for this year’s Charity – the East of England Paediatric Diabetes Group.

All that remains of the 2023 season, apart from Tuesday and Saturday training until the end of October, is the Club’s Maiden Plate on Tuesday 31st October at 7 p.m.