MATCH REPORT: Northern 4;s & Junior League Round 2

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Astley & Tyldesley hosted Round 2 of the Northern Fours & Junior League series at Gin Pit on Sunday. There was an excellent turn out of riders, with the re-laid Gin Pit track draining and holding up well for the 73 races ridden, despite the very wet weather throughout the winter.

Bury took the Fours League win on the day, finishing 5 points ahead of Sheffield. A rejuvenated Stockport fielded a team of their own riders for the first time in two years, and they led at the half way stage, before fatigue set in during the second half. It was a very competitive, but sporting match, as has been the culture in the North Region in recent years. Bury’s Reece Pollitt raced to a 16 points maximum score and posted the fastest time of the day, 43.91 seconds, in winning heat 7.

Northern Fours League result

Bury 53, Sheffield 48, Stockport 47, Hull 37, Astley & Tyldesley 31, Heckmondwike 23

A&T: John White 13, Frank White 7, Steve Harris 6, Oscar Belt 5.

Bury: Reece Pollitt 16, Kris Ramsden 13, Danny Taylor 11, Mike Baldock 9, Eryk Motala 4.

Heckmondwike: Darren Kent 8, Patrick Beacock 6, Dan Green 5, Justin Naylor 4, Lee Warhurst dnr.

Hull: Jack Lister 11, Noah Lyon 10, Liam Bennett 8, Lewis Foxley 8, Spencer Glenton dnr.

Sheffield: Ed Morton 15, Pawel Idziorek 12, Dariusz Pilas 10, Leon Wild 10, Kyle Holland 1.

Stockport: Jake Read 14, Devon Campbell 12, Ben Higham 12, Terry Norman 9.

Referee – Graham Lush.

Astley & Tyldesley raced to a convincing win in the Junior League match. A&T’s Alex Lawless, Frank White and John White all took the GP wins at u-10, u-13 and u-19 levels respectively. Hull’s Noah Lyon was the sole u-16 rider, whilst Sheffield duo Will Banyard and Laura Watson top scored in the Division 2 and Women’s categories respectively.

Northern Junior League result

Astley & Tyldesley 136, Hull 97, Sheffield 82, Heckmondwike 47, Bury 29, Stockport 0

U-10s: Alex Lawless (A&T) 16, Elijah Rechembei (A&T) 15, Alexis Woodcock (Hull) 14, James Jackson (A&T) 13, Heather Brighouse (A&T) 12..

U-13s: Frank White (A&T) 16, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 15, Spencer Glenton (Hull) 14, Josh Pilkington (A&T) 13, Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 12, Harry Gibson (Hull) 11, Oscar Belt (A&T) 10, Levi Edwards (A&T) 9, Nahom Tumizghy (A&T) 8, Will Hollich (Hull) 7, Joseph Green (Heckmondwike) 6, Elwood Harrison (Hull) 5, Sophia Temple (Hull) 4, Charlotte Brighouse (A&T) 4, Jacob Barrington (A&T) 4.

U-16s: Noah Lyon (Hull) 16..

U-19s: John White (A&T) 16, Joe Brownell (Sheffield) 13, Jack Brownell (Sheffield) 13, Liam Bennett (Hull) 12, Owen Simcock (Bury) 8.

Division 2: Will Banyard (Sheffield) 15, Darren Kent (Heckmondwike) 13, Dan Green (Heckmondwike) 12, Kieran Hale (Sheffield) 11, Justin Naylor (Heckmondwike) 10, Mark Radford (Bury) 9, Lee Warhurst (Heckmondwike) 6.
Women: Laura Watson (Sheffield) 15, Kacey Bennett (Hull) 14..

Referee – Harry Radford.

There was a much improved turn out of 10 riders for the Division 1 Grand Prix Round. Bury’s Kris Ramsden took the overall win on the day, with 15 points, losing only to Sheffield’s Kyle Holland in heat 2.

Division 1 GP result

Kris Ramsden (Bury) 15, Reece Pollitt (Bury) 14, Mike Baldock (Bury) 13, Jack Lister (Hull) 11, Kyle Holland (Sheffield) 11, Pawel Idziorek (Sheffield) 11, Lewis Foxley (Hull) 10, Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 9, Danny Taylor (Bury) 8, Leon Wild (Sheffield) 6.

Referee – Harry Radford.

Full score charts are on the North & Scotland’s Google Drive at: