Since the original draw and schedule were issued, three teams have withdrawn from the 2024 European Club Championships – Zoledowo, Leszno and Poole. The revised draw and schedule are listed below:

Day 1 Saturday 4th May At Newport
12:00 Round 1 Match A 5 team x 20 heats format
Torun v Ipswich v Kesgrave v East Newport v Gniezno

14:00 Round 1 Match B 4 team x 16 heats format
Birmingham v Ostrow v Horspath v Southampton

16:00 Round 1 Match C 5 team x 20 heats format
Hull v Rawicz v Sheffield v Bury v Newport

Teams finishing on equal points in matches A, B and C will have a coin toss to decide their match position, unless they finished joint 3rd and 4th. These positions do not count for the preliminary ranking table points, for example 2 teams finishing on equal race points (equal 1st & 2nd place in Matches A, B and C) will both receive 4.5 points toward the preliminary ranking table, but their coin toss will decide which match they race in on day 2 only (matches D, E and F).

Day 2 Sunday 5th May At East Newport

Race team positions decided by an open draw

10:00 Round 1 Match D 5 team x 20 heats format.
1st (match A), 2nd (B), 3rd (C), 4th (C), 5th (A)

12:00 Round 1 Match E 4 team x 16 heats format.
1st (match B), 2nd (C), 3rd (A), 4th (A)

14:00 Round 1 Match F 5 team x 20 heats format.
1st (match C), 2nd (A), 3rd (B), 4th (B), 5th [C]

Matches A to F will form a league table (preliminary ranking table). Match winners will receive 5 points, second place will receive 4 points etc.
Should teams be equal in the points total, then equal teams will be split by total race points over the 2 matches. Any teams still equal will be split by a coin toss, except if teams are equal for 6th & 7th position or equal for 10th & 11th position in the preliminary ranking table. Teams equal for 6th & 7th position or equal for 10th & 11th position, on both points and race points, will have their position decided by a 1 rider run off.
Teams 1st to 6th in the preliminary ranking table progress to the semi finals, teams from 7th to 10th race in the Repechage match.​
Teams 1st to 6th in the preliminary table, will select which semi final they race in and which team position they want to race, in the order 1st to 6th.

16:10 Run off for positions 6th & 7th or 10 th & 11 th in the preliminary ranking table (if required).
16:15 Semi final draw for team 1 to 6 in the preliminary ranking table, all team managers to be present.

Repechage Match

Race team positions decided by an open draw.

16:30 Repechage Match G 4 team x 16 heats format
7 th (preliminary table), 8th, 9th, 10th

The first two teams in Match G progress to the semi finals. The winning team will have 7th pick for the semi finals, the runner-up will have 8th pick.

Day 3 Monday 6th May At Newport

4 team x 20 heats format

Semi-Finals – Draw by team managers

11:00 Semi final 1 Match H 1st two teams to Final, others eliminated.
12:30 Semi final 2 Match I 1st two teams to Final, others eliminated.

Finals – Open Draw.

15:00 Final Match J To determine teams 1st to 4th in the Championship.

Please note that all competing riders must be in possession of an ICSF International Riders’ Licence, before they are allowed to compete. The form must have been completed, payment made and proof of identification supplied to an ICSF official, in good time to participate in a match.

Link to take out an ICSF International Riders Licence:

Online scoring will be carried out throughout the weekend. The link to view the online scoring is:

There are two changes to the ICSF Rules and Regulations this season, which follow those of British Cycling. These relate to penalties for starting infringements and the ability to affix a camera underneath a saddle. The full details are below:

S2.4 Cameras

S2.4.1 Subject to S2.4.5, cameras are permitted during British Cycling sanctioned Events. Use of cameras is restricted to full Licence Holders who are in the year of their 17th birthday or older. Riders with a Day Licence are not eligible.

S2.4.2 Cameras must be fitted to the bicycle under the saddle using a system designed for bicycles and must not affect the certification of any item of the bicycle.

S2.4.3 Riders must ensure that the manufacturing guidelines are followed in respect of mounting all equipment and the camera does not cause any risk of danger or distraction to the rider or others.

S2.4.4 The rights in any footage captured during an Event are assigned to British Cycling. The rider is granted a worldwide, perpetual, royalty free, transferable licence to use the footage for any purpose. In using the footage, riders must act in accordance with British Cycling’s Code of Conduct. Riders shall make any footage available to British Cycling upon request.

S2.4.5 Cameras shall not be permitted if reasonably restricted by the Chief Executive, the Organiser or upon any restrictions imposed by a facility or location.

S8.10. Starting Procedure

S8.10.8. If a rider allows their cycle or person to move, or cause a distraction to other riders, after the command “under starters orders” and before the tapes rise:

S8.10.8.1. They shall receive a 1-point deduction; or

S8.10.8.2 If deliberate or committed in a Run-off or a Grand Prix Final, they shall be excluded from that race.

S8.10.9. A rider who receives a deduction under S8.10.8 shall be allowed in the re-run but any further infringement by the rider in that race will result in an exclusion from that race.

S8.10.10. Chief Commissaires shall use their discretion if there is distinct noise around the starting area or adverse weather conditions which may affect the start of an Event.

S8.10.11. If two or more riders move before the tapes rise, the first to move will receive a 1-point deduction. However, if the Chief Commissaire is unable to determine who did so first, the riders shall be ordered to re-approach the rest line and starting orders must be given again.

S8.10.12. If, after this procedure the same issue arises, all riders guilty of the infringement shall be excluded from that race.