MATCH REPORT: BYJL Midlands Regional Round 2 at Coventry

In a change of venue from the originally scheduled Leicester round the event was held on an overcast day with just enough rain to avoid dusty conditions. Numbers were up slightly from the first round, with 5 Coventry riders making their first appearance this year.
The under 8’s was a tight affair with Ruben Grimes taking the spoils in the A final, beating top points scorer in the heats Rosie Derry into third place. The under 10’s only produced one rider (Dougie Grimes) so was merged with the under 12’s. Coventry’s Carson East rode to a maximum in the heats and a victory in the A final, with little to choose between Tommy Anderson, Ben Pinfold, and Jacob Jewkes for the remaining places. Ethan Hobbs won the B final, showing considerable
improvement on last year.
Under 14’s 16’s 18’s and Girls was also merged as an event, with Coventry’s Jude Wilcockson and Charlie Smith riding to maximums in the heats, Charlie Smith was unlucky in the Under 18’s A final, falling in a tussle with Charlie Buet Gannon. The other A final winners were Connor Steel (Under 18’s), Jude Wilcockson (U16’s) Callum Symanski (U14’s) , and Yoanna Gilpin (Girls)

(Coventry unless otherwise stated)

Under 8’s (Referee: Amy Baynes)

Rosie Derry 14, Rocco Fitzgerald 11, Ruben Grimes 11, Nancy Grimes 9, Reuben Spencer 9.

Final 1st Ruben Grimes, 2nd Rocco Fitzgerald, 3rd Rosie Derry 4th Nancy Grimes, 5th Reuben Spencer

Under 10’s / Under 12’s: (Referee: Amy Baynes)

Carson East 16, Tommy Anderson 14, Jacob Jewkes (Wednesfield) 12, Ben Pinfold 12, Ethan Hobbs 10, Dougie Grimes 8

A final 1st Carson East, 2nd Tommy Anderson, 3rd Ben Pinfold, 4th Jacob Jewkes

B final: 1st Ethan Hobbs, 2nd Dougie Grimes (Dougie also winner of Under 10’s)

Under 14’s / 16’s / 18’s and Girls (Referee: Matt Wilcockson unless otherwise stated)

Charlie Smith 16, Jude Wilcockson 16, Corey Burt (Wednesfield) 14, Connor Steel (Birmingham) 13, Charlie Buet-Gannon (Birmingham) 13, Yoanna Gilpin 10, Callum Symanski 9, Ethan Lawrence (Birmingham) 9, Autunm Smith 8, Jake Batt 6

Under 18’s Final: 1st Connor Steel, 2nd Charlie Buet-Gannon, 3rd Jake Batt, 4th Charlie Smith

Under 16’s Final (Referee Jake Steel): 1st Jude Wilcockson, 2nd Corey Burt

Under 14’s Final: 1st Callum Symanski, 2nd Ethan Lawrence.

Girls Final: 1st Yoanna Gilpin, 2nd Autumn Smith