MATCH REPORT: Coventry Club day a success

Over 40 riders attended the Coventry Club day on the 12th May. Riders were divided into 4 teams and 10 divisions according to ability, with one team representative in each division. Riders of all abilities were represented and the day had a satisfying community feel overall.


Red Devils: Kevin Burns, James Bailey, Charlie Smith, Elijah Ward, Amy Baynes, Lisa Whitehead, Carson East, Jacob Jewkes, Fraser Phillips
Yellow Submarines: Mark Whitehead, Norman Venson, Kieran Whitehead, Michelle Whitehead, Paul Pinfold, Loren Spencer, Ben Pinfold, Nyla Aris, Rosie Derry, Rory Whitehead, Tommy Bell
Green Giants: Lee Aris, Ben Morgan, Lucy Whitehead, Yoanna Gilpin, Gareth George, Mark Bell, Tommy Anderson, Erica Aris, Rocco Fitzgerald,
Blue Moons: Dan Drewitt, Alex Aris, Nat Ward, Marc Gilpin, Callum Symanski, Natalie Timms, Caiden Spencer, Ethan Hobbs, Reuban Spencer, Henry Craik, Lillian Hyland

Referee: Matthew Wilcockson (West Mids)

Division 1: Lee Aris 15, Kevin Burns 14, Mark Whitehead 11, Dan Drewitt 6 Chris Jewkes (Guest) 4
Division 2: Norman Venson 14, Jim Bailey 13, Ben Morgan 8, Alex Aris 4
Division 3: Charlie Smith 16, Lucy Whitehead 12, Nat Ward 8, Kieran Whitehead 4
Division 4: Marc Gilpin 14, Yoanna Gilpin 13, Michelle Whitehead 8, Elijah Ward 5
Division 5, Paul Pinfold 16, Amy Baynes 11, Gareth George 9, Callum Symanski 4
Division 6 (Parents race): Mark Bell 16, Loren Spencer 8, Lisa Whitehead 7, Natalie Timms 5
Division 7: Carson East 16, Tommy Anderson 12, Caiden Spencer 7, Ben Pinfold 3
Division 8: Jacob Jewkes 15, Nyla Aris 13, Ethan Hobbs 8 Erica Aris 4
Division 9: Fraser Phillips 14, Rocco Fitzgerald 14, Rosie Derry 8, Reuben Spencer 4
Division 10: Henry Craik 15 Rory Whitehead 13
Balance bikes: Lillian Hyland 16, Tommy Bell 12

Overall Scores:: Red Devils 111, Yellow Submarines 108, Green Giants 106, Blue Moons 91