MATCH REPORT: Australian Division One league Round 2

Report by Daniel Robb, Photo taken by Harleigh Rochester

Saturday 18th May round 2 of the Australian Division one league at Lefevre cycle speedway.

Lefevre Dolphins hosting Salisbury jets.
The Lefevre track was in top condition even after having a regular race meeting earlier in the day and two other league matches prior.

When the teams presented on track it looked like it would be on for young and old.
The Jets brought along the same team that had defeated the Findon Comets just weeks earlier with the addition of the McCormick Brothers.
The Dolphins were fielding a very mature and well experienced team, with six of the 9 riders now into their 30s and one of those heading towards twice that. Some riders receiving their first invite to wear a Lefevre top after transferring during the absence of league racing in Australia.

Locke Pearce, Angus Freeman, Paul White, (C) Ty Geertsen, Robert Selick, Josh Candy, Daniel Robb, Tyrone Walters, Joel Chadwick.
Team manager Rob Fleming, Assistant Daniel Pudney.

For the Jets,
Aiden Thompson, (C) Matty Snowden, Ryan Greenhalgh, Cody Thompson, Keiran Ritter, Cody Chadwick, Connor McCormick, Aiden McCormick.
Team manager David Hartman

Referee Bobby McMillan

The Jets winning the coin toss and selecting the inside grids for the first race.

The first half of the match saw two separate tape exclusions for the Dolphins with Josh Candy and Locke Pearce moving at the tapes in races 3 and 5. Race 4, Snowden rode a brilliant race keeping J Chadwick at bay for 4 laps. Race 7 the Jets were leading by 11points. Race 8 saw Jets rider Cody Thompson excluded for moving at the tapes, J Chadwick and Selick capitalising with a 7-2 points score bringing the Dolphins back into contention and only 3 points down at the half time break.

Both teams took time to regroup and spin the legs during the break.

Starting the second half Paul White and Ty Geertsen were held to an even points race.
Race 10, Selick and Robb turned the match around with 7-3 putting the Dolphins up by one point.
Races 11 and 12 were settled and 5 points a piece. Race 13 and the Dolphins utilised 2 swing riders Robb and J Chadwick which would prove to be a wise decision from team managers Fleming and Pudney with the Dolphins securing another 7-3. Race 14 Geertsen and Walters once again providing the Dolphins with 7 points. Race 15, an incident on the first lap had Selick unable to complete the race and the Jets scoring a 7 point maximum. Scores after 15 rounds 75 Dolphins 71 Jets

Race 16- nominated heat.
Dolphins selecting Geertsen and Robb with Jets bringing out C Chadwick and Matty Snowden. Geertsen knowing the advantage the Dolphins had with inside grids and being 4 points up chose to sit and block Snowden while C Chadwick chased down Robb. The final race going 6-4 in favour of the Dolphins and securing them the win on 81 over the Jets 75.

League racing is certainly back in Australia. The next round will be on June 1st at Findon with the Comets taking on the Dolphins.