MATCH REPORT: Wednesfield Olympic

On Sunday May 19th Wednesfield Aces brought back to life a competition that was held regularly in years gone by. The Olympic is a event whereby the higher you finish in a race the higher the penalty in your next. A total of 24 riders attended Spread over a a big gap in experience and skillset so a 4 lap time trial was the first order of the day to determine a&b finalists the 2 finals were run together for 38 races of competitive cycle speedway


A final: Lee Aris 18, Mark Whitehead 17, Corey Burt 16, Kev Burns 16, Scott Doherty 15, Nicky Whitehead 15, Chris Jewkes 15, Norman Venson 14, Lucy Whitehead 13, Alex Aris 12, Dan Green 12, Nat Ward 11

B final: Jasper Walton 19, Michelle Whitehead 18, Louis Travers 17, Elijah Ward 16, Georgia Burt 16, Ethan Lawrence 15, Geordan Onions 14, Nyla Aris 13, Honey Whitehead 13, Amy Baines 12, Erica Aris 9