The Home International and Women’s Regional best pairs takes place at Leicester on Saturday and 33/18 News can bring you the line ups which are listed below (not in riding order):

Women’s Regional Best Pairs (Start time 11am)

The women kick off the day at 11am, in an event which will no doubt be fiercely competitive. The North have secured the best pairs event for 5 years consecutively, with the only team being South West to get thier hands on the trophy back in 2017 when the event first began. Here’s how the teams will be lining up.

Maddie Saunders
Natalie Goulden
Lexie Curtis
Manager – Rachel Lammin

Lily Parr
Chloe Pearce
Ella Case
Manager – Charlie Jane Herbert

Rebecca Humphries
Lucy Whitehead
Lizzie Rigley

Emily Burgess
Laura Watson

Over 40’s (Start time 12.30)

Ireland see Steve Copping and Gary Colby return from last year’s team at newport and they will be joined by David Martin and Craig Norton.

England will have 3 Leicester riders in their line-up in the shape of Norman venson, Kevin Burns and Mark Whitehead. They will be joined by Andy Yard and Paul Timms

Wales will have their joint team managers Mark Winwood and Lee Galley in their team. They will be joined by Matt Parr, Stuart Marsh and Matt Davis

Scotland will be running a Select team this time due to rider unavailability. Will Banyard, Phillip Vanner, Ewan Tulloch, Lukasz Kaczmarek and Nicky Whitehead is their line-up

Juniors (Start time 2.30pm)

England will be running 2 teams again as they did last year at Newport. The first team will feature Noah & Luca Woodhouse, Oliver Saunders, Lexie Curtis and Sonny Whale while the 2nd team will feature Charlie & Lily Parr, Corey Burt, Tom Dunphy and George Whale

Irealnd will be represented as a fully fledged team for the first time since 2018 with Mason & Lola Martin joining Charlie Buet-Gannon, Ethan Lawrence and Jude Wilcockson. Joint team manager Steve Copping would like to thank Chris Timms for his involvement in getting this team together

Wales will be represented by Sam & Harry Marsh, Tom Alexander, Jacob Jones and Jayden Jenkins

Scotland will not be fielding a Junior team due to rider unavailability

Seniors (Start time 4.30pm)

Wales will be represented by the reigning European Champion Ben Mould, Adam Bennett, Sean Bennett, Dan Bock and Callum Goward

Ireland see Patrick O’Shea and Jack Herbert return from last year’s team at Newport. They will be joined by Leon Mower and Leon Wild. The 5th rider will be decided on the day

Scotland’s team will be Jake Slight, Kyle Holland, Kayden Davidson, Kieran Hale and Nathan Groves

England will be represented by the 3 time and reigning British Champion Paul Heard, Chris Timms, Ben Clarke, Lewis Foxley and Feroze Langoo