MATCH REPORT: Bury Club Individuals and Ken McCreesh trophy

With an open slot in the fixtures on a Sunday, and the season almost at an end it was an opportune time to stage the outstanding indies for the Bury club.
The proceedings started with the Ken McCreesh junior Trophy, which has been held for the past 6 years in memory of a supporter in his nineties who sponsored the youngsters with a perpetual shield. This year unfortunately there were only six eligible riders, Kaysar Mohammadi basically gated and went to pick up a 16 point maxi, with his brother Dawar, finishing on 15, and Thom Deakins taking 3rd on 14. Brothers Tom,Sam,and Bobby, Dunphy took the remaining spots in that order after some real brotherly battles.

With the under 10’s dropping out, 11 riders were in the draw for the senior and junior club individual, over a 20 heat formulae.
Heat 1 was a gate to line win for Kris Ramsden from gate 1 followed by Adam Turnbull from gate 2. Adam Taylor took heat 2, again from gate 1 followed by a hard chasing Kaysar Mohammadi from gate 4. Will Owens took heat 3 from gate 2, with Neil Howarth passing and holding Danny Taylor,after being gated from gate 1. Another win for Kris Ramsden over Adam Taylor in heat 4,was followed by a Danny Taylor win from gate 1 in heat 5.
Adam Turnbull took heat 6 gating around Neil Howarth in the first bend. Will Owns took his second win in heat 7, passing Kaysar on the pits bend with a really good pass. Another win for Kris Ramsden in heat 8 over Danny Taylor from gate 4, put him into a great chance of a trophy, but Will Owens equalled that score with a win from gate 1 over Adam Turnbull in heat 9. Kaysar also put himself amongst the leaders with a win from gate 3 over Eryk Malala in heat 10.
Neil Howarth took heat 11 with a gate to line win over Dawar Mohammadi, and after 3 rides each the scores were Kris and Will on unbeaten 12 each, Kaysar, Adam Turnbull and Neil on 10 each, with Danny and brother Adam on 9. Heat 12 saw Kris on gate 3 and Will on 4, with Will unexpectedly gating around Kris in the first bend and riding clear to take the win. The 13th heat saw Adam Turnbull passing Kaysar from gate 4, to keep himself in contention. Neil improved his chances with a win over Adam Taylor in heat 14. Eryk took the next heat,over Steve Mann.
After 4 rides each, the leaders were Will unbeaten on 16, Kris on 15, Adam Turnbull and Neil on 14, and Kaysar on 13. Heat 16, saw Kaysar finish on 17 with a win over Neil who also finished on 17, and with kris unable to pass he too was on 17. Adam Turnbull made sure of a trophy with a win over Eryk in heat 17, for 18 points. Will Owens made sure that the trophy was his with a gate to flag win in heat 18 for a 20 point maximum. Danny Taylor beat brother Adam from inside for them both to finish on 15 points each.

A three man run off was needed to decide the third place, between Kris, Neil and Kaysar. Kaysar drew gate 1 Kris gate 2, and Neil gate 4. With a robust challenge in the first bend Kris got around Kaysar, with Neil taking advantage of Kaysar’s plight to move into second but it finished in that order, with Kris taking third overall on 17.
Kaysar took the Junior trophy on 17 points, Dawar was second junior on 12 points, and Thom Deakin was third junior on 11 points.

The awards were presented by the club Chairman, Mr Stuart Howarth, ref was John Burston.