LETTER: We need more results and match reports!

When we launched 33/18 News in April we did say ‘no viewpoint/letters’, however we can make an exception on this instance, as we whole heartedly agree with John Whiting with regards to Cycle Speedway clubs sending in match reports and results.

John’s letter to us said…

33/18 is now Cycle Speedway’s information pot, especially since the sad demise of Spokesman Online. I like to read the reports and see the videos and photos, really good stuff. However could I ask that staging clubs send in results to 33/18 ASAP. I do the paper reports for our local papers and their deadlines are becoming tighter, we don’t want to lose any of the valued publicity for the sport, every bit helps.

If clubs could put the the scores and top scorers in team matches and the top 3 scores in individual events that would be great and take just a few mins. In depth match reports and photos etc can follow after.

Thanks in anticipation, lets support this site fully from all clubs.

John Whiting

Unfortunately, sometimes we have no idea what the result of a match or two are and we take to social media to try and find out the score. On other occasions we have people asking us for information we don’t actually know yet ourselves, we’re only as useful as the information given to us! We also politely request that any reports sent in are spell and grammar checked, which will definitely speed up the process of getting them online.

Thanks for everyone’s support so far, especially those who regularly send us results, reports and photos etc already, we’ve had over 120k page views since April – it’s hard work, but it’s good to know people are using the site.