MATCH REPORT: Hull grab first win of the season at Cookson

This Northern League Yorkshire derby resulted in a surprising, but deserved, 92-87 victory for Hull over their hosts Sheffield Rockets. Sheffield had won on Humberside back in March and were looking for a league double, whereas Hull were looking for their first win of the season.

The first two heats were drawn, Lewis Aylmer and Jason Burke taking the wins. Then the pattern for the day started in heat 3 as Andy Angell teamed up with Rich Pawson for a 7-3 maximum over Chris Turner and Vicky Brown. Aylmer sped round the outside of Matt Parrott to win heat 4. Then Dominic Bent held out the efforts of Niall Morton and Joe Twigg to win heat 5.

Hull then hit their second maximum seven points in heat 6 as Nathan Everett made an outstanding last bend pass on Turner, bringing through partner David Cooper for a 7-2 (Sheffield’s Brown a non finisher after shedding a chain following a first lap fall). Pawson/Angell scored their second 7-3 in heat 7, Hull now led by 41-28.

Sheffield then got their first heat win, a 6-4, from Richard Hudson and Burke. Everett won heat 9 from an always-pushing Brown as the teams hit the interval with Hull leading 50-39, having had the race winner in seven of the nine heats. The second half started with two more drawn heats, with again Hull providing the race winner in Cooper and Angell (who had to fight from the back to pass both Burke and Hudson).

Hull recorded 6-4 wins in heats 13 and 14 to lead by fifteen points and have their first win of the season in the bag. Sheffield then eventually woke from their slumber with a 7-3 in heat 15, Burke perfectly shepherding Twigg home for his debut first team race win. Aylmer completed a personal best performance at Cookson by winning heat 16, to finish with just one defeat (and more importantly not a single fall).

Parrott and Hudson forged a well taken 7-3 in heat 17 as Sheffield provided a late surge. The final race of the day was perhaps the best with Burke giving Angell his only defeat of the day. Angell had spent the first lap helping partner Bent into third place, allowing Burke to gain a healthy advantage. Angell then gave chase after Burke. Turner made a superb pass on Bent and entering the final corner the Sheffield veterans almost managed a maximum score as Angell tried an outside pass.

Jason Burke 15+2(5), Richard Hudson 14+1(5), Niall Morton 13+2(5), Chris Turner 12(5), Matt Parrott 11(4), Joe Twigg 9+2(4), Vicky Brown 7(4), Luke Morton 6+2(4).

Lewis Aylmer 19(5), Andy Angell 17+2(5), David Cooper 14+1(5) , Nathan Everett 13+2(5), Rich Pawson 13(5), Dominic Bent 9(5), Jack Lister 4(3), Dave Lister 3(3).

Sheffield won the League two match by 83-67, gaining revenge for defeat at Hull back in March. The match started in exactly the same vein as the first match, three drawn heats with Hull’s David Cooper, Dave Lister and Nathan Everett the race winners.

Sheffield then got a 7-3 maximum from Niamh and Ed Morton, the Rockets proving to have just that bit more all round team strength. Cooper and Everett both won further races before the interval, crucially Sheffield had scored another 7-3 in heat 7 as Dave Lister fell challenging Dan Rushton.

Vicky Brown and Niamh Morton teamed up for another 7-3 win in heat 9, giving Sheffield a 12 point lead by 51-39. Heats 10 and 11 were drawn, with Cooper and Everett adding to their race win tally. Heat 12 saw Everett lose for the first time, with perhaps the toll of first team match beginning to show. However, nothing should be taken from his victor Ed Morton. Whose persistence paid off with a brilliant pass right on the finish line.

When Sam Haines won heat 13 the league points were Sheffield’s, which were confirmed when Rushton/Ed Morton secured the Rockets fourth 7-3 in the penultimate heat. As with the first match the best race of the day came in the final heat. Everett and Cooper gaining a 7-3 win over Joe Twigg and Haines, at one stage all four riders were side by side as they raced around the wide open corners of the Cookson circuit.

Niamh Morton 16(5), Ed Morton 14+4(5), Rob Mawhood 12+1(4), Sam Haines 11+3(5), Dan Rushton 11+3(4), Jack Brownell 9(3), Vicky Brown 5+1(2), Joe Twigg 5(2).

David Cooper 19+1(5), Nathan Everett 19(5), Dave Lister 10(4), Katie Greaves 6(5), Laura Steward 6(5), Jack Lister 3(2), Charlie Wade 3(3), Lilly O’Neill 1(1).

The League three match (for under 13’s) saw Sheffield’s extra rider pay-off as they won by 61-45. Sam Haines maintained his unbeaten run in this competition with his seventh successive 16 point maximum (Sam has now won 28 consecutive races).  He was made to work hard for his maximum by Jack Lister, whose two losses were to Haines.

Ed Lister and Charlie Wade both got one race win each for Hull. While for Sheffield there were race wins for the Brownell brothers (Jack & Joe) and Kielan Burton. In fact, only Lilly O’Neill (Hull) and Lewis Bemrose (Sheffield) were the only ones not to win a race, but their time will surely come.

Sam Haines 16(4), Jack Brownell 13(4), Joe Brownell 13(4), Kielan Burton 11(4), Lewis Bemrose 8(4)

Jack Lister 14(4), Charlie Wade 12(4), Ed Lister 11(4), Lilly O’Neill 8(4).