EUROS 2016: GB and Poland set for Southampton showdown

It has been confirmed this week that a Team GB v Poland test match will go ahead at Southampton, scheduled for 6.30pm start Friday 29th July 2016.

New Great Britain manager Lee Aris (pictured on the inside for GB in 2015 above) said: “This will be my first test match in charge and a great challenge to have to start my campaign.

“I want to win every test-match I’m involved in and have set my biggest challenge as Great Britain team manger, is to take a team to Australia and win the test series.

“The good news is, it is possible with the riders we have, and as a nation, we have beaten Australia in Australia before so nothing new there.

“The test match against Poland at the end of this month will no doubt include familiar faces and riders at the top of the game. Hopefully these riders will excel and want to be part of the tour in 2017.

“I go on record to say, but my approach at this early stage is to have an open door and a squad will be selected on merit on who can perform and represent Great Britain to a high standard.

Third Test winning Great Britain side. Photo by Andy Whitehouse.

2015 WORLDS: Third Test winning Great Britain side. Photo by Andy Whitehouse.

“Performance and representing Great Britain in the correct manner goes hand in hand. I’m looking for riders who are relishing the prospect of competing in Australia and will approach the cause in a professional manner.

“I’m aware a junior test-match is also trying to be achieved with Steve Mullinder trying to secure a venue and slot during the Euro’s weekend.”

Aris then went to break news that he will not be competing in the European Championships as he faces a rest under doctors orders for the rest of the summer.


Aris said: “I’m injured. The doctors are telling me to rest for 12 weeks due to a “bulging disc” (lower back problem) and the only remedy is rest. This will see me not competing at the Euro’s.”

It’s a great shame for Aris, who is one of the finest riders around, both on and off the track, we wish him a speedy recovery.