RESULTS: Norfolk Go-Ride Round 4

There were 29 riders at round 4 of the Norfolk HSBC Go-Ride and Grand Prix series at Eaton Park but there were several changes as family holidays start and finish.

Two riders came back for their first action and duly won their age categories – Frank Spauls in Under-10 and Shaun Kell in Under-16. Max Pugh returned to continue his domination of the Under-8 and Connor Jarrett made it four wins in Under-13, this time his main challenge coming from Will Blackmore. Paddy Wenn made the most of grid one to win the Senior A Final.

Finals –

A – 1 Max Pugh 2 Oscar Copeland 3 Ralph Silvester 4 Noah Cameron
B – 1 Grace Cameron

A – 1 Frank Spauls 2 Zachary Eastwood 3 Jamal Musa 4 Stanley Budds
B – 1 Kenny Culling 2 Lola Martin

A – 1 Connor Jarrett 2 Will Blackmore 3 Airsha Musa 4 Tabitha Nierop
B – 1 Harry Dodds 2 Amelia Dodson 3 Alex Osborne 4 James Hankey

A – 1 Shaun Kell 2 McKenzie Loombe 3 Mason Martin

A – 1 Paddy Wenn 2 Jamie Medler 3 Ben Loombe 4 Harley Hamill
B – 1 Tom Blackmore 2 Rod Burke 3 Rory Freeman

Next Wednesday the action for Round 5 moves to Harford Park at 6.45pm