RESULTS: Ade Gale Laurels at Poole

Here are the results of the Ade gale Laurels events that were staged at Poole on Sunday June 5th. All the photos were taken by Arthur Lawrence

Senior event sponsored by Precision Engraving Weymouth

Grand Final. 1st. Aaron Smith. 2nd. Dawid Bas. 3rd. Paul Heard. 4th. Zac Payne.

Junior event sponsored by T@G Poole.

Grand Final. 1st. Noah Woodhouse. 2nd. Kenzie Bennett. 3rd. Feroze Langoo. 4th. Owen Geach.

Womens event sponsored by Hensby Electrical Poole.

1st. Elizabeth Rigley – Porter 20. 2nd. Emily Burgess 18 (after a run off). 3rd. Lauren Hookway 18.