RESULTS: GB record 2 wins over Australia

The final test matches between Australia and Great Britain for Juniors and Over 40’s took place at Salisbury and saw GB emerge victorious in both matches with the Juniors clinching their series by 2 matches to 1 after winning 94-83. GB’s Over 40’s team recorded a 105-74 victory over their Australian counterparts in their match which was notable for the official debut of Steve Copping for GB. Full results below


Great Britain 94: Feroze Langoo 17, Kenzie Bennett 16, Torsten Jolly 14, Oliver Saunders 13, Leon Penketh 11, Lewis Foxley 10, JJ Wildman 8, Sonny Whale 5

Australia 83: Brad Williams 15, Blake Frencken 15, Cody Thomson 13, Braylan Macdonald 13, Blade Blatchford 11, Connor McCormick 6, Ryan Knights 6, Josh Candy 4

Referee: Dawid Bas (Poland)

Over 40’s

Great Britain 105: Gavin Wheeler 19, Steve Harris 16, Craig Marchant 15, Jason Ashford 15, Andy Yard 15, Dave Murphy 13, Paddy 10, Steve Copping 2

Australia 74: Warren Corbett 14, Andrew Blatchford 11, Brad Hoppo 11, Cody Ball 10, Sam Rochester 8, Rob Fleming 8, Brad Delmenico 6, Dom Tiani 6

Referee: Dawid Bas (Poland)

Tomorrow’s action is at Findon where it is the 3rd and final test matches for the Women and Seniors. The Women’s match is scheduled to start at 8.30am UK time (7pm local time) with the Senior match at 10am UK time (8.30pm local time)