RESULTS: Klett does the Double

5 more World Individual titles were decided today at Salisbury. The first title of the day to be decided was the Under 16 Girls World Championship and this saw Poland’s Zuzanna Klett claim her 2nd World Title in less than 24 hours having won the Under 19 Girls World Championship yesterday. klett raced to a maximum 20 points with Australia’s Hannah Williams runner up, dropping her only point to Klett. England’s Nataleigh Goulden finished 3rd with 18 points, dropping her only points to the top 2

Zuzanna Klett (Poland) 20, Hannah Williams (Australia) 19, Nataleigh Goulden (England) 18, Kimberley Williams (Australia) 17, Matisyn Smith (Australia) 16, Makaylah Cooper (Australia) 15, Jemima Rochester (Australia) 13, Lille Hancock (Australia) 13, Caitlin Knights (Australia) 13, Holly French (Australia) 10

Referee: Steve Copping (Ireland)

The next title to be decided was the Over 40’s World Championship and this saw the first British winner as Gavin Wheeler claimed the title on the same track that he was crowned World Junior Champion in 1997. Wheeler dropped only 1 point and that was to Poland’s Pawel Kozlowski who finished as runner-up with 18 points with another Pole, Lukas rajewski, completing the podium with 17 points

Gavin Wheeler (England) 19, Paweł Kozlowski (Poland) 18, Lukasz Rajewski (Poland) 16, Tomasz Włodarczyk (Poland) 15, Daniel Pudney (Australia) 14, Lukas Nowacki (Poland) 14, Matt Gentle (Australia) 14, Daniel Kubiak (Poland) 13, Paul White (Australia) 12, Andy Yard (England) 11, Brad Hoppo (Australia) 10, Jacke Wleklik (Poland) 10, Dom Tiani (Australia) 10, Sam Rochester (Australia) (res) 9, Adam Haldenby (Australia) 6 (Withdrew injured after 2nd ride), Jason Ashford (England) 3 (withdrew injured after 2nd ride)

Craig Marchant (England) qualified for the final but withdrew due to injury and was replaced by Sam Rochester

Referee: Rob Fleming (Australia)

The Junior World Final was next and this saw Kenzie Bennett become the 2nd British World Champion to be crowned on this tour as he amassed 18 out of a possible 20 points, his only dropped points coming in his 1st ride. Leon Penketh, Pawel Szkludarek and Blake Frencken tied on 16 points so they had to have a run-off for 2nd and 3rd which was won by Penketh ahead of Szkludarek.

Kenzie Bennett (England) 18, león Penketh (England) 16*, Pawel Szkludarek (Poland) 16*, Blake Frencken (Australia) 16*, Feroze Langoo (England) 15, Torsten Jolly (England) 15, Igor Domagala (Poland) 14, Cody Thomson (Australia) 14, Kosma Sikorski (Poland) 13, JJ Wildman (England) 10, Arek Graczyk (Poland) 10, Oliver Saunders (England) 10, Oskar Dusinski (Poland) 9, Filip Kowalski (Poland) 8, Shaun Kell (England) 6, Connor McCormick (Australia) 6

*-after run-off

Referee: Bobby McMillan (Australia)

The Women’s World Final was next and after 3 races Rebekah Humphries led the way with 12 points followed by defending champion Lucy Millikin on 11 and Zuzanna Klett on 10. European Champion Fryderika Wojciechowska was on 8 points after an exclusion in her 3rd race. Humphries finished 3rd in her 4th ride and won her last race to guarantee herself a place on the podium but where that would be would be decided by the result of heat 20 when Klett and Millikin met, both of whom having won their 4th races. It was Klett who won heat 20 from Millikin meaning they had to go into a run-off for the top 3 positions along with Humphries. The run-off was won by Klett who claimed her 2nd World Title of the day and her 3rd in the space of 24 hours. Millikin claimed the runner-s up spot ahead of Humphries in 3rd

Zuzanna Klett (Poland) 18*, Lucy Millikin (Australia) 18*, Rebekah Humphries (England) 18*, Fryderika Wojciechowska (Poland) 16, Holly Greenhalgh (Australia) 14, Nataleigh Goulden (England) 14, Hannah Williams (Australia) 14, Lizzie Rigley (England) 14, Kayleigh Clarke (Australia) 13, Maddie Saunders (England) 11, Matisyn Smith (Australia) 11, Talia McKinlay (Australia) 9, Harleigh Rochester (Australia) 8, Nicola Gentle (Australia) 7, Taylor Hoffman (Australia) 6, Jackie Kinross (Australia) 5

*-after run-off

Referee: Steve Dennison (Australia)

The Senior World Final completed the day’s action and this saw Poland’s Arek Szymanski unbeaten after 4 rides with Australia’s Cody Chadwick 2 points behind. Szymanski was the first one to take his final ride but finished 3rd meaning Chadwick had to win heat 19 to force a run-off for the title. Having led most of the race Chadwick was pipped on the run-in to the finish by Dawid Bas meaning he had to settle for 2nd overall for the 4th time. Bas’s win in heat 19 put him into a run-off for 3rd with the World Under 21 Men’s Champion Mikolaj men who won the run-off after having to complete only 1 lap after Bas moved at the start

Arek Szymański (Poland) 18, Cody Chadwick (Australia) 17, Mikołaj Menz (Poland) 15*, Dawid Bas (Poland) 15*,Joel Chadwick (Australia) 14, Chris Timms (England) 14, Lukas Nowacki (Poland) 14, Paul Heard (England) 13, Bobby McMillan (Australia) 12, Paweł Kozlowski (Poland) 11, Ty Geertsen (Australia) 11, Daniel Robb (Australia) 9, Ben Mould (Wales) 9, Mateusz Ludwiczak (Poland) 9, Josh Brooke (England) 8, Paweł Szkludarek (Poland) 8

Referee: Steve Dennison (Australia)

The World Championships conclude tomorrow with the World Pairs Championships at Le Fevre for Over 40’s, Junior, Women and Senior. The Over 40’s event gets underway at 1.30am UK time (Midday local time) with the Women’s and Junior events being run simultaneously starting at 3am UK time (1.30pm Local time) and the Senior event rounding off the 2023 World Championships at 5.30am UK time (4pm Local time)