RESULTS:World Pairs at Le Fevre

The final day of racing in the 2023 World Championships saw the World Pairs Championships decided at Le Fevremfor Over 40’s, Junior, Women and Senior and saw Poland claim victory in all events except the Juniors which was won by England.

The Over 40’s was the opening event and used a formula where the competing nations would meet each other twice. Australia and Poland both scored maximum heat advantages in 4 of their first 5 races and shared their first meeting in heat 6. It was their 2nd meeting which would decide the title in heat 11 and this saw Poland take a 6-4 to clinch victory by 2 points. England finished 3rd with 24 points with Ireland 4th on 19.

Poland 39: Paweł Kozlowski 19, Lukas Nowacki 12, Tomasz Włodarczyk 8

Australia 37: Matt Gentle 16, Daniel Pudney 14, Paul White 7

England 24: Andy Yard 12, Steve Harris 7, Craig Marchant 5

Ireland 19: Paddy Wenn 11, Steve Copping 6, Lee Ashman 2

Referee: Cody Chadwick (Australia)

The Junior and Women’s events followed and for both matches a formula was used where each of the competing nations would meat each other 4 times with 1 race from the Juniors and 1 from the Women and so on throughout the 24 races in total (12 heats in each category). England took the win in the Junior event with 42 points ahead of Australia on 40 and Poland on 37

England 42: Torsten Jolly 20, Kenzie Bennett 20, JJ wildman 2

Australia 40: Brad Williams 16, Blake Frencken 12, Cody Thomson 12

Poland 37: Arek Graczyk 16, Paweł Szkludarek 12, Kosma Sikorski 9

The Women’s event was dominated by Poland who only needed to make sure that either Fryderika Wojciechowska or Zuzanna Klett finished the race to clinch victory which they did with a 6-4 over Australia to give them 46 points ahead of England on 40 and Australia on 33

Poland 46: Fryderika Wojciechowska 31, Zuzanna Klett 15, Alicja Hamara dnr

England 40: Rebekah Humphries 17, Lizzie Rigley 17, Nataleigh Goulden 6

Australia 33: Lucy Millikin 13, Hannah Williams 12, Kayleigh Clarke 8

Referee: Bobby McMillan (Australia)

The Senior event followed and this was also dominated by Poland who scored 26 points out of a possible 28, their only dropped points coming when they shared heat 7 with Australia who finished as runners-up on 25 points with England 3rd on 21 points and Ireland & Wales finishing joint 4th with 14 points each

Poland 26: Arek Szymański 14, Mikołaj Mecz 7, Dawid Bas 5

Australia 25: Daniel Robb 11, Joel Chadwick 9, Cody Chadwick 5

England 21: Paul Heard 10, Chris Timms 7, Josh Brooke 4

Ireland 14: Chris Bull 6, Owen Wells 6, Leon Mower 2

Wales 14: Ben Mould 8, Dave Murphy 6

Referee: Bobby McMillan (Australia)

The next World Championships will be staged in September 2025 in England in the South-East region