EURO CLUB: Looking ahead to Day Two

Tomorrow starts at 10am with Qualifying 7 and 8 taking place to decide the rest of the Quarter Final positions. This is how the Quarter Finals are starting to take shape…

1/4 Final A-13:00hrs Leszno Ostrow Newport 3rd in Q8
1/4 Final B-14:00hrs Sheffield Ipswich 1st in Q8 Poole
1/4 Final C-15:00hrs Wednesfield Torun 2nd in Q8 Exeter
1/4 Final D-16:30hrs 3rd in A 3rd in B 3rd in C Best 4th

Winners & Runners-up (from 1/4 Final A,B & C) progress to SEMI FINAL

3rd placed teams & highest scoring 4th from 1/4 Finals A, B , C progress to 1/4 Final D

The 2 lowest scoring 4th place teams will be Eliminated

Winners & Runner-up from 1/4 Final D progress to SEMI FINAL

It certainly looks like an intriguing day, whatever happens, the grand final on Monday is likely to see Cycle Speedway racing out of the top drawer.