RESULTS: Results from individual and pairs action at Hethersett on Sunday

Here’s the results from the Breckland Autos Charity Cup, Hethersett Senior Club Championship and Hethersett Best Pairs Championship and Maiden Plate that took place on Sunday.

Breckland Autos Charity Cup

Olly Buxton (Hethersett) 18, Gary Brown (Kesgrave) 16, Olly Riley (Hethersett) 16, Ashley Hill (Ipswich) 15, Jamie Medler (Norwich) 14, Charlie Rumbold (Ipswich) 14, Katie Adams (Hethersett) 13, Rohan Ewbank (Norwich) 13, Alex Dyball (Norwich) 13, Owen Wells (Hethersett) 10, Matt Hill (Ipswich) 10, Gemma Hill (ipswich) 9.
Referee – Kevin Wells

Hethersett Senior Club Championship

1st Olly Riley 15
2nd David Adams 12
3rd Scott Grimes 12
“Champagne Moment” Prize – Owen Wells
Referee – Mel Perkins

Hethersett Best Pairs Championship

1st David Adams & Owen Wells 24
2nd Olly Riley & Tim Grimes 13
Referee – Kevin Wells

Hethersett Maiden Plate

1st Owen Wells