RESULTS: BYJL South-East Regional Round 1

Here are the results of the top four from each age category for Round 1 of the BYJL which also doubled up as Round 1 of the South-East Grand Prix

Under 8

1st Connor Jarrett ( Norwich)

2nd Isaac Powling ( kesgrave)

3rd Maisy Baker (Ipswich)

4th Jensen Long ( Kesgrave)

Under 10

1st Luca Woodhouse (Kesgrave)

2nd Ollie Edmunds (Kesgrave)

3rd Harvey Shumake ( kesgrave)

4th Lilly Parr (Kesgrave)

Under 12

1st Ryker Jolly ( Kesgrave)

2nd Charlie Parr ( Kesgrave)

3rd Shaun Kell ( Norwich)

4th Detlan Baker ( Ipswich)

Under 14

1st Harvey Young (Ipswich)

2nd Kai Gowers ( Ipswich)

3rd Charlie Beeton (Kesgrave)

4th Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave)

Under 18

1st Charlie Lyth (Hethersett)

2nd Paul Delaiche (Hethersett)

3rd Daniel Longlands (Hethersett)

4th Kristian Mitchell ( Ipswich)


1st Gemma Hill (Ipswich)
2nd Chloe Pearce (Ipswich)
3rd Phoebe Hammond (Kesgrave)
4th Josie Kell (Norwich)

SEGP Seniors

1st Ashley Hill (Ipswich)

2nd Fraser Harris ( Ipswich)

3rd Jamie Medler ( Norwich)

4th Luke Dunningham (Ipswich)


1st Steve Copping (Norwich)