MATCH REPORT: 2 wins out of 5 for Bury in Double Header

It wasn’t a very good run in to this double header for the Bury team as with two of their better riders away working and two holidaying the club was down to four riders two days before the events, and with continuous rain all week track preparation was extremely hard, especially when on the Saturday morning it was found that someone had vandalised the track surface, meaning a four hour session of repair and rolling to enable the match to go ahead, which it did remarkably well considering.

The first match was the third division match versus Sheffield, an eight rider individual which was amazingly close on the scores with Tom for Bury and Edward for Sheffield both scoring 15 points each, followed by Sam for Bury and Oliver for Sheffield both on 11 points, followed by Bobby for Bury And Erin for Sheffield on 9 points each, it was the Mohammadi twin sisters scoring ten points between them that gave Bury the overall win 45- 35.

The second division match versus Sheffield was next with the Sheffield team looking far stronger than the Bury team , who were further hampered by Eryk Motala and Dawar Mohammadi both being ill during the match but bravely continuing.
Sheffield were too strong for the Bury team and six heat wins to Buys none just about said it all.

Sheffield 69 Bury 50.

Sheffield: Kielan Burton 16,  Luke Morton 15/3, Laura Watson 14/3, Niamh Morton, 14, James Morris 10.

Bury: Eryk Motala 15/1, Harry Radford 14/1,  Dawar Mohammadi 9/1, Steve Mann 9, Tom Dunphy 1, Bobby Dunphy,1.

The next event was the third division match versus Hull, a seven rider individual. Bury had 5 riders to Hulls 2 and consequently ran out winners 57-19, Sam and Tom Dunphy both taking maximums and Tyler for Hull taking 12, and Morgan 7.

Bury’s young riders were getting a bit tired at the stage of for some their fourth match of the afternoon, which was against Hull in Division 2, Dawar Mohammadi had decided that he was so ill he had to go home, reducing the team to 3 of the third division team and 3 of the 2nd team.
Hull fielded a strong seven rider team, and a good match took place, with Hull taking six heat wins to Bury’s four with Hull winning 63- 55.

Hull: Jack Lister 19/1, Dan Teal 16, Richie Pawson 9, David Cooper 8/2,Andy Knowles 6, Frank Auffret 3, Will Alvey 2.

Bury: Harry Radford 19/1, Eryk Motala, 19/1, Steve Mann 10, Tom Dunphy 6, Sam Dunphy 1.

With still another match to race, it was Bury v Hull in Division 1. Hull fielded a full 10 man team with 2 former British Champions and a former World Champion in the side bolstered by the latest Northern Senior Champion.
Bury had managed to persuade two retired riders to make the team up to six , with two of the division two riders as stand by reserves.
The match went as would be expected, with one or two surprises,Hull taking six heat wins, to Bury’s 3, but it was the big hitters of Hemsley, Angell and Everett, riding tactically from reserve which made the difference with eight drawn heats ,the Bury team all scoring solidly but without the strength to defeat the Hull top scorers.
The score was about right on the day at Hull 97 Bury 80.

Hull: Dave Hemsley 20: Andy Angell 20/4, Nathan Everett 20, Jack Lister 14, David Cooper 8/1, Dan Teal 8, Frank Aufrett 4/1, Richie Pawson 2, Andy Knowles 1.
Bury: Adam Taylor 16, Adam Turnbull 15/3, Will Owens 14/1, Kaysar Mohammadi 12, Neil Howarth 10/4, Eryk Motala 10/1, Harry Radford, 4 Steve Mann dnr

A long tough day for the Bury club but with two wins and three reasonable performances in the circumstances from the 5 matches acceptable