EURO CLUB: Semi Final 1 Result

The result for Semi Final one is in. Ostrow – 54 Ipswich – 41 Wednesfield – 34 Newport – 29 They’ve done it! Ipswich are 2014 Euro Club grand finalists along with Ostrow, what an achievement for a club going from strength to strength and building over a long period of time, this was years in the making. The final […]

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EURO CLUB: Quarter Final C Result

Quarter Final C result is in. Wednesfield – 45 Torun – 41 Birmingham – 40 Exeter – 27 Wednesfield and Torun make the Semi Finals. Birmingham have one final chance in Quarter Final D. Exeter take best fourth place slot ahead of Swindon and Coventry. Quarter Final D lines up as: Newport, Poole, Birmingham, Exeter – two will be eliminated.

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EURO CLUB: Q6 Result

Provisional result: Birmingham – 48 Newport – 46 Swindon – 35 Coventry – 27 Birmingham and Newport head for Q7 to meet Poole and Exeter, where the top 3 qualify for the Quarter Finals. Swindon and Coventry are in Q8 tomorrow morning at 11:30am where they face the 4th placed team from Q7 and ICSF Select.

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