RESULTS: Norfolk Championships

Here are the results from the Norfolk Championships which were staged at Eaton Park, Norwich:

Under 8s

1st Connor Jarrett
2nd Frank Spauls
3rd Tyler Slater (after run off)

Under 10s

1st Connor Jarrett
2nd Kieron Alton
3rd Frank Spauls

Under 13s

1st Shaun Kell
2nd Josie Kell
3rd Will Blackmore

Under 16s

1st Charlie Lyth (after run off)
2nd Scott Colby
3rd Tom Blackmore

Under 19s

1st Owen Wells
2nd Charlie Lyth
3rd Paul Delaiche

The Norfolk Senior, Veteran & Ladies championships will be staged on Wednesday 22nd May at Eaton Park with a 7pm start time. Riders will need to be checked in by 6.30pm