EURO CLUB 2016: Preview

This weekend it’s all roads to Ostrow, Poland as GB riders make their way across Europe to take part in the 2016 European Club Championships.

Some are currently driving across the continent, a journey that will take them through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany before arriving in Ostrow about a day later.

Click here for the official score charts

Great Britain take on Poland on Friday evening, the Great Britain side looking perhaps a little spread thin than the Worlds test match in Poole back in July. Poland’s side is already available for viewing and it includes nearly all their World Cup winning team.

Marcin Szymanski, Sassek, Grabowski, Kowalczyk and Binkowski certainly make for a powerful top 5 on the team sheet.

A packed crowd witnessed the 2015 World Cup Final in Poole. Photo by Andy Whitehouse.

A packed crowd witnessed Poland win the 2015 World Cup Final in Poole. Photo by Andy Whitehouse.

As for the UK clubs, we have four representing us. Hethersett take part in their first match on foreign soil, Wednesfield, Birmingham and 2013 finalists Ipswich.

Qualifying Round 1:

  1. Gniezno
  2. Mikołów
  3. Toruń
  4. Polish Federation (PFKS) Select

Qualifying Round 2:

  1. Zielona Góra
  2. Ostrów
  3. Hethersett
  4. Wednesfield

Torun will be favourites to win round 1, with former DMP team Gniezno in the mix also. Wednesfield have a tough draw with holders and hosts Ostrow and Zielona Gora accompanying fellow brits Hethersett in round 2.

Qualifying Round 3:

  1. Częstochowa
  2. Birmingham
  3. Katowice
  4. Leszno

 Qualifying Round 4:

  1. Świętochłowice
  2. Rybnik
  3. Ipswich
  4. Kalety

Round three looks just as tasty, with former world champion Marcin Szymanksi’s side Częstochowa turning out against Birmingham and DMP big guns Leszno. Ipswich will have to face Lukas Nowacki’s side Świętochłowice along with Rybnik and Kalety, where they will be expecting to come through unscathed.

All teams will have a second chance at least, with 9 qualifying rounds in total before we move to the quarter finals, semi finals and grand final, with a consolation final for the semi finalists missing out.

It’s sure to be an excellent weekend for the touring party, we’ll do our best to keep you as updated as we can.