LETTERS: Rider – or actually a spectator

Tim Jarvis has written in with some concerns regarding riders studying at university not being permitted to compete in regional racing.

Am I correct to assume that cycle speedway has thousands and thousands of riders chasing too few opportunities to race? Do we need to restrict numbers to stop overcrowding at tracks?


What I witnessed today would appear to give that impression, it seems highly unlikely that there are actually just a few hundred riders and that many clubs are struggling to fill team places.


A rider was standing watching the match, yet he is fit and keen to race. He is attending a local university but has been barred from riding for the club nearest to this university whilst he is studying. His crime? He is also registered to his home town club in a different region so that he can race when he is back home during the holidays. So all he wants to do is race in the place he is living. Neither rider or club are trying to pull a “fast one” he’s just a middle order rider who happens to be living in the area for half the year and simply wants to race whenever he can. You would think he would receive every encouragement wouldn’t you, clearly not.


I must point out that BC have not made this incredulous ruling, it’s the local league.


Give me strength!Tim Jarvis – Leicester CSC


Thanks for writing in Tim, hopefully this one can be resolved so the rider is able to participate whilst at university. It’s fair to say there is a bit of a gulf in numbers around that age group.

At 33/18 News, we feel any rider showing an interest should be given the opportunity to race when in different leagues, or we simply risk them turning their back on the sport altogether, which would be no good for anybody.