MATCH REPORT: Supertrax Battle of Britain huge success at Horspath

A well prepared circuit, excellent catering facilities in addition to an informative match day
magazine and the scene was set for the eagerly awaited event.

Two evenly balanced teams contested the elite junior class, with neither side gaining a maximum heat advantage prior to the interval stage, which saw the host region holding a slender two point margin.

However with the visitors unbeaten “trump card”, Ben Harvey, having already taken three of his scheduled rides, the South West and Wales gradually extended their lead during the following heats with Callum Smith, Fraser Garnett and Jack Ellis inflicting major damage to the South East and East’s hopes of victory.

PHOTOS: Elite junior class by Peter Payne

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South West & Wales 75
Sean Bennett 13+1, Fraser Garnett 15, Callum Smith 15, Callum Goward 9, Jack Eliss 12, Will Jeffery 11+1

South East & East 63
Ben Harvey 16, Adam Cooper 3, Tyler Brinkhoff 6, Lewis Brinkhoff 15, Reece Johnson 10+1, Alex Harvey 8, Keanu Bowers 5

The following senior fixture gave the powerful visitors their revenge. They increased their valuable ten point interval score with outstanding performances from Lewis Osborne, Josh Brooke and Adam Peck, who again displayed his vast tactical knowledge of “team racing”.

The home squad gave a fighting effort, led by Zac Payne, Maciej Ganczarek, Arron Herbert and Steve Harris however on this occasion they lacked the strength in depth.

PHOTOS: Elite men class by Peter Payne

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South West & Wales 89
Zac Payne 18, Dean Hook 8+1, Maciej Ganczarek 16+1, Jacob Soper 8, Arron Herbert 14+1, Steve Harris 13+1, Chris Davies 7, Dan Bock 5

South East & East 107
Lewis Osborne 18, Ashley Hill 11, Josh Brooke 22+1, Charlie Rumbold 13+2, Adam Peck 11+4, Matt Hill 15, Leon Mower 7, Richard Fellget 10+1

On a final note, the new “Village” promotion management must be congratulated on a job “well done”.