CLUB NEWS: First win for Birmingham’s Charlie

Birmingham’s Charlie Buet Gannon took his first title win at East Park on Saturday in the Under 10s of the Joe Guy Memorial (cover photo).

Charlie was the stand out rider of the field, racing to 4 wins and a full maximum and was never headed throughout. The youngster is in his first full season of racing and has progressed rapidly in the sport. His younger sister Izzy has also started riding this year and also rode scoring 6 points.

The Monarchs also had 4 riders competing in the U16s racing for the Shield which had been presented by the Guy family. Jake Steel and Ryan Winwood  just missed out on the podium scoring 14 points each. The meeting won by former Wolf Josh Whetton.

The Monarchs travelled to Stoke on Sunday for a challenge fixture. The home club missing several key riders which meant they were never going to seriously push the visitors.

Birmingham run out winners 115-65 with 6 riders unbeaten, Paul Timms taking a full 20 point maximum. A second challenge fixture followed the main meeting with the Monarchs victorious 75-52.

Stoke v Birmingham


STOKE 65 V BIRMINGHAM 115 – Paul Timms 20 (5),  Ricki Johnson 18+2 (5), Ewan Hancox 17+3 (5), Jake Steel 15+1(4), Nathan Groves 12+2 (4), Steve Hodgkinson 11+1(3), Phil Widdas 10+2 (3), Connor Steel 8 (3), Bekah Humphries 2 (2), Izzy Buet Gannon 2 (2).


STOKE 52 V BIRMINGHAM 75 – Connor Steel 15 (5), Bekah Humphries 14+1 (4), Jake Steel 13+2 (4), Charlie Buet Gannon 13+2 (5), Steve Hodgkinson 10+1 (3), Phil Widdas 6+1 (2), Izzy Buet Gannon 4 (3).

This Saturday, Birmingham host the Eurovets KO championship, open to any rider over 40 with its sudden knockout stages ensuring every point counts. Start time 12 noon. The Monarchs are in league action on Sunday as they travel to East Park, start time 1pm.

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