INDOOR: Host still not found for 2017 British Indoor championships

The 2017 British Indoor Championships look under threat after a host has not been found for the championships, so far, this winter.

The deadline for expressions of interest was 1 September, but it has been re-opened by British Cycling in the hope that volunteers may come forward at the 11th hour to put on the popular event.

The indoor championships have been staged at Coventry Connexion Sports Centre for the previous 4 years, run by either the Midland League or Coventry CSC. However, the Coventry club indicated at the end of the 2016 championships in January that it would be their last time hosting the event.

The details for prospective hosts are below:

  • Sports hall or similar of sufficient size to accommodate competition of this standing for the at least two full days. The surface shall not be of a nature that it would be easily damaged through this form of competition
  • Spectator seating and viewing should ideally via a gallery above the sports hall or through the use of raised seating.
  • Inflatable barriers of approximately four feet in must be used. These must completely surround the field of play, with particular emphasis in offering protection between those competing and all others in the venue
  • Details of the named organiser.
  • A full team of helpers to comfortably run the competition, including an MC, result recorder, competition reporter (for the press and others), publicity manager.
  • Supply adequate catering for competitors and spectators if not supplied by the facility
  • Sufficient up front budget to book the facility and cover those costs not covered by BCHQ.

BCHQ to collect the entries and entry fees from which the following will be paid-

  • Medals for the top three in each individual championship plus a champions jersey plus medals for the winning team in both team Championships.
  • Referee mileage and other reasonable costs
  • Costs of attendance of the BC CS Competition Manager if deemed appropriate
  • Rider Levies

Any positive balance between the costs to BCHQ and the income received to be passed to the host organisation, post event.

At the close of entries (Approximately 1 month prior to the date of the championships) the BC CS Commission Competition Manager will arrange for the initial draws to be conducted for each championship and advise all interested parties of the outcome.

Preferred dates of these championships will be in December 2017 or January 2018, being mindful, that most riders will not be returning the ICSF World Championships in Australia until around 6th December. (Expressions of Interest detailing arguments for alternative dates will also be considered)

Championships to be run (Assuming a 2 day programme and subject to entry levels in each championship)

Day 1

  • Open Club (Riders Born 1999 or Before)
  • Junior Individual (Riders born 1999- 2002)
  • Over 40’s Individual Riders (Riders Born 1977 or Before)
  • Under 16 (Riders born 2001- 2006)

Day 2

  • Open Individual (Riders Born 1999 or Before)
  • Women Individual (Riders Born 2002 or Before)
  • Junior Club (Riders born 1999- 2002)
  • Under 13 ((Riders born 2004- 2006)