CLUB NEWS: Monarchs in more gold cup success

Birmingham raced to a comprehensive victory at East Park on Thursday. The seniors were nigh on unbeatable with only Groves and Chris Timms sportingly allowing the understrength Wolves to take some scalps.
The Monarchs carried too much strength to be seriously challenged by a largely inexperienced and youthful East Park team. The likes of Adam Mabberley and Nataniel Pikor have made some decent progress for the Wolves this season.
Jake Steel started off with a win in heat 1 with Chris Timms coming in 3rd to start with an advantage they never lost. 2 further maximums followed that up before the first of the junior races. They also took maximum advantages in both heats. The scores after 5 heats was 20-40.
Whilst the next block of races saw the Monarchs take more heat advantages at least the home side were able to take some 2nd places to split the visitors. The scores further extended.(31-59).
The Ricki Johnson and Paul Timms partnership was untouchable as they both took maximums, Paul
taking a full house whilst Johnson the perfect partner sat behind for a paid variety.
Whilst Hancox was untroubled by the scorers Groves blew his maximum by staying back to race against the Wolves young duo. Josh Dytor perhaps even more surprised when he finished 2nd ahead of the Birmingham man at the chequered flag.
For the juniors 3 of the 5 youngsters were unbeaten whilst young Logan who had travelled with uncle Nathan took a couple of rides for experience and enjoyed it too!


East Park 68 v Birmingham Monarchs 130- Chris Timms 7, Jake Steel 16, Paul Timms 16, Ricki Johnson 12+4, Nathan Groves 11+3, Ewan Hancox 16, Connor Steel 15+1, Ben Heagren 7+1, Charlie Buet Gannon 16+2, Bekah Humphries 11+1, Logan Hughes 2.

The Monarchs still have 2 outstanding matches to be completed. The Gold Cup Match at Coventry and also the rained off 2nd Division fixture at Wednesfield. Dates hadn’t been confirmed at time of going to Press but both are expected to be run on Sunday’s in November.
With the season nearly over for this year matters will turn to club interests over the next few weeks.
Club officials are due to meet up with Lee Southall from Birmingham City Council to discuss a lease for the track and land which will give the club more say in its future. A Sport England Grant is dependant on this issue being sorted so all parties are keen to make advancements on this issue.
The sport will move indoors for the winter with news of training venues awaited by Midland riders, the final to be hosted in Coventry in the New Year.
The Midland region will hold its AGM November 18th and hopefully all clubs will be a lot clearer as to what the sport entails for 2019. The Birmingham club will have representation on the day.​
Weekday training has now ended however we will continue to hold training and coaching days on Sundays 1-3PM in November. The starting date is dependant on the completion of all outstanding fixtures.
The club will be hosting a Birmingham championship in November with a date to be arranged soon. Stay tuned for news of this.
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