MATCH REPORT: Norman storms to Aussie title

With close on 120 nominations the 2018 Australian Championships were staged at Le Fevre on Saturday with competitors in the eleven various grades each contesting four qualifying heats and the four highest scorers advancing to the grand final. As expected the Division 1 was a closely fought event with Bobby McMillan, Ty Geertsen and Shane Bentley failing to make the top four. However it was the Chadwick brothers who selected the inside gate positions and led for the early laps until they “clashed” which then saw Jack Norman followed by Braden Makepeace take the advantage and in turn the Gold and Silver rewards.

Joel Chadwick 15 Cody Chadwick 14 Jack Norman 12 Braden Makepeace 12 Shane Weinert 11 Angus Freeman 10 Shane Bentley 10 Bobby McMillan 10 Jake Matthews 7 Connor Whelan 5

Other results.

Division 2

1st Michael Ratcliff 2nd Matty Snowden 3rd Blade Blatchford 4th DJ Thompson

Division 3

1st Jacob Pudney 2nd Locke Pearce 3rd Braylan Mac Donald 4th Josh McWhinnie

Division 4

1st Ben Pudney 2nd Aiden Petty 3rd Bradley Williams 4th Aiden Curnow

Division 5

1st Zayden Thompson 2nd Rhys Below 3rd Cody Pety 4th Marcus Melino

Division 6

1st Dylan Miller 2nd Hannah Williams 3rd Conner Lawson 4th Mitchell Pudney

Division 7

1st Lucas McWinnie 2nd Angel Haldenby 3rd Caleb Pridham 4th Hayley Williams

Girls U13

1st Kimberly Williams 2nd Talia MacKinley 3rd Abigal Dutton 4th Emily Weinert


1st Letitia Collins 2nd Holly Greenhalgh 3rd Kayleigh Clarke 4th Nicola Gentle

Men 30 +

1st Adam Haldenby 2nd Daniel Pudney 3rd David Dissel 4th Matt Gentle


1st Brad Hoppo 2nd Paul White 3rd Robert Fleming 4th Simon Harley