DRAWS: Welsh Open

The draws for the Welsh Open Championships to be held at Newport on june 8th have been made and are as follows.

Womens (Start time 2.30pm)

1 Miah Laing (Exeter)
2 Amy Baynes (Coventry)
3 Lauren Hookway (Exeter)
4 Emily Burgess (A&T)
5 Megan Burt (Wednesfield)
6 Rosie Tidball (Exeter)
7 Izzy Byrne (Poole)
8 Maddie Saunders (Poole)
9 Charlotte Bebbington (Newport)
10 Chloe Whitehead (Leicester)
11 Miah Castagna (East Newport)
12 Lucy Whitehead (Leicester)
13 Macie Schmidt (Poole)
14 Shannon Tucker (Exeter)
15 Elizabeth Rigley (Leicester)
16 Anna Tuttle (Poole)
17 Caitlyn Walters (East Newport)
18 Amanda Rigley (Leicester)
19 Laura Watson (Sheffield)
20 Niamh Morton (Sheffield)
21 Chloe Warn (A&T)
22 Jasmine Oddie (Poole)
23 Sophia Sinclair-Black (Leicester)
24 Georgina Burt (Wednesfield)

The top 8 riders will proceed to 2 semi-finals from which the top 2 will advance to a Grand Final

Newport girl racer Kasey James will be having her very long hair cut at half time during the Welsh Womens Open for the Little Princess charity for children with cancer. she will be looking for sponsorship on the day, as well as online.

Under 19’s boys (Start time 4pm)

1 Fraser Garnett (Poole)
2 Jack Ellis (Horspath)
3 Ross Loveridge (Horspath)
4 Nathan Goulden (Poole)
5 Cameron Reece-Gill (Coventry)
6 Sean Bennett (Newport)
7 Owen Wells (Wednesfield)
8 Taylor Walters (East Newport)
9 Tyler Bould (Wednesfield)
10 Kyle Wells (Leicester)
11 Max Well (Leicester)
12 Daniel Longlands (Hethersett)
13 blank
14 Ben Stanbury (Exeter)
15 Lewis Foxley (Edinburgh)
16 Dan Wright (East Newport)

Please note change of time for boys, now 4pm, because of the larger than expected womans event.